Skyrim:Stendarr's Aura

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SR-icon-spell-Vampire Bane.png Stendarr's Aura
Added by Dawnguard
School Restoration Difficulty Adept
Type Offensive Casting Fire and Forget
Delivery Self Equip Either Hand
Spell ID xx0038b5 Editor ID DLC1StendarrsAura
Base Cost 248 Charge Time 0.5
Duration 60 secs Range 0
Magnitude 10 Area 10 ft (?)
Tome ID xx003f4e Tome Value 335
Purchase from
For 60 seconds, undead in melee range take 10 points sun damage per second.

Stendarr's Aura is an adept level Restoration spell added by Dawnguard, which surrounds the caster in an aura of light which does 10 damage per second to any Undead targets within melee range for 60 seconds. It has no effect on non-undead.




  • This spell is normally unavailable if you join the vampires, as Florentius Baenius will be hostile to you. However, if you use a Pacify spell or item, you can calm him down so that he'll sell it to you. You must obviously do this before you destroy the Dawnguard.
  • Other than its effect on the undead, this spell can be effective as a source of light in dark areas, a viable alternative to the Light spells in the Alteration school (though the aura effect can be somewhat distracting).


  • If you cast and hold a dual-cast only spell while a cloak spell is active, it will increase the damage the cloak does. ?
  • The spell tome for this spell looks like a Destruction book, but it is actually Restoration.
  • Stendarr's Aura provides Destruction experience, not Restoration as would be expected.