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Skyrim:My Pet Elytra (Dementia)

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Save a young Elytra from the Seducer bandits.
Quest Giver: Seducers Bandit's Cage Key
Location(s): Seducers Bandit's camp (unmarked)
Reward: Demented Elytra Nymph pet
ID: ccBGSSSE025_ElytraPetAcquisition_Dementia
Added by: Saints & Seducers
A smuggled Demented Elytra Nymph

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Locate the Seducer's Bandit Camp.
  2. Free the Elytra Nymph from its cage.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

This quest is part of the Saints & Seducers quest bundle, and can be completed during the Balance of Power quest.

In the Seducers Bandit Camp northwest of Windhelm, there is a large cage with a Demented Elytra Nymph pet. Nearby is a note, as well as a key inside of a chest.

The Elytra Nymph's cage will open when either the lock to its cage is picked or the key is used.

Once the Elytra Nymph is free, speak to it and invite it to come with you. The Elytra Nymph will agree to follow you, and the quest will end.

Quest Stages[edit]

My Pet Elytra (ccBGSSSE025_ElytraPetAcquisition_Dementia)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective 0: Free the Elytra Nymph
200 Finishes quest☑
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