Skyrim:Elmus Favor Quest (mead)

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Retrieve one bottle of Ashfire Mead for Elmus.
Quest Giver: Elmus
Location(s): Bujold's Retreat, Thirsk Mead Hall
Reward: Leveled amount of gold
Disposition: 0→1 (Elmus)
ID: DLC2ThirskFFElmus
Elmus longs for the taste of Thirsk mead

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Elmus in Bujold's Retreat before you decide to attack the Nords or the Rieklings.
  2. Go to the Thirsk Mead Hall and retrieve one bottle of Ashfire Mead.
  3. Head back to Elmus for your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Find Elmus at Bujold's Retreat and talk to him. He requests that you bring him a bottle of Ashfire Mead from the Thirsk Mead Hall, which has been taken over by rieklings. After that, travel over to the mead hall. If you have never visited it before, you will meet a riekling outside, trying to lead you to his tribe's chief. Just head inside, take at least one bottle of Ashfire Mead, and return to Elmus. Give him the mead and receive your reward.


Levels Reward
1–9 400
10–19 600
20–29 800
30–39 1,000
40+ 1,200


  • If Thirsk is reclaimed for the Nords during Retaking Thirsk or if Elmus dies, this quest fails.
  • Any Ashfire Mead will do; the bottle you give Elmus does not need to be from Thirsk.

Quest Stages[edit]

Elmus Favor Quest (DLC2ThirskFFElmus)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective 10: Bring Elmus some Ashfire Mead from Thirsk Mead Hall
200 Finishes quest☑
205 Fails quest☒
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