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Item: Do Not Delete (000c7316, 0010c762, 00103370, 000ea5c5)
Type Miscellaneous Item
Editor ID TGRFOValueItem / TGRGeneralValueItem /
TGCrownValueItem / TGTQ03ValueItem
Weight Weight 0.5 Value Value 200 / 250 / 500 / 500
The "Do Not Delete" appears to be a chest

The Do Not Delete is an item with the appearance of a chest that can be found out of bounds in many homes and businesses across Skyrim. There are four variations of the item, and they are used by the game to set the player's bounty for certain actions that may be performed during the Thieves Guild side quests. Since each action is considered theft by the game, the bounty incurred will always be half of the value of the corresponding Do Not Delete. Additionally, NPCs will comment on the crime as if it were theft, even if it appears that no item was stolen.

Name (ID) Weight Value Purpose
SR-icon-construction-Chest.png Do Not Delete
0.5 200
  • Used to set your bounty when seen altering a ledger during The Numbers Job.
Do Not Delete
Do Not Delete
Do Not Delete
  • Used to set your bounty when seen forging the prison registry during Imitation Amnesty.


  • Although they are considered an item, they are not affected by physics. This can be useful for reaching otherwise inaccessible areas.
  • Picking up the items seems to have no effect on gameplay. You will still receive a bounty when seen, and the Thieves Guild quests function as normal.