Arcane Archer Pack
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Arcane Archer Pack
Released October 4, 2017
Size 71.8 MB (PC) / (?) (Xbox One) / (?) (PS4)
Filename ccbgssse002-exoticarrows.esl
PC Available from Creation Club for 150 CC Credits
Other Also available on Xbox One and PS4
Patch Special Edition Version 1.5
Arcane Archer Pack
Fire Arrows on display in the Solitude Fletcher

Arcane Archer Pack is a Creation that adds five new arrow types and two new spells. It was released on October 4, 2017 for 150 CC Credits.

Official Summary[edit]

Give your hunting a magickal advantage with equipment specially designed for archers, like Telekinesis Arrows, Soul Stealer Arrows, Fire and Ice Arrows, Lightning Arrows, and a unique power that equips a Bound Quiver. (Telekinesis arrows are found in The Arcanaeum in the College of Winterhold, Soul Stealer Arrows can be found in Kagrumez. All other arrows can be purchased at vendors & appear in containers.)


This Creation adds six new types of magical arrows, all of which can be crafted. Upon installation, you will instantly know how to craft Bone Arrows, Fire Arrows, Ice Arrows, and Lightning Arrows, and will receive five of each. Two quests will also begin, and will need to be completed in order to learn how to craft the remaining two new arrow types. Swift as an Arrow will teach you how to craft and use Telekinesis Arrows, but requires first gaining access to the College of Winterhold. Stealer of Souls will teach you how to craft Soul Stealer Arrows, but requires completion of a high-level challenge in Kagrumez on Solstheim.

The new arrow types can also be sold by general goods merchants, found as loot or used by enemies.[verification needed — where?]

With the Anniversary Edition, you will no longer automatically receive arrows in your inventory, but when they do appear in loot such as boss chests there will be several of each of the three basic types (Fire, Ice, Lightning).




  • Morrowind had a similar addon that added explosive arrows with elemental effects with the Area Effect Arrows plugin.
  • Bone Arrows and their dragon-skull inspired quiver originated in Oblivion's Shivering Isles expansion.
  • This Creation received an update in December 2018 which increased the damage of Telekinesis Arrows from 10 to 30 and fixed the elemental damage caused by elemental arrows.The damage of the Telekinesis Arrows the AE version is 111
  • Arrows and Bolts always craft in sets of 10. The Fire, Ice and Lightning arrows can be crafted automatically. The Bone Arrows require the Dragon Armor Perk but they're one of the strongest arrows in the game.
  • The Telekinesis Arrows Spell Tome and Research can both be found on Urag's Desk within the Arcaneaum at the College of Winterhold. Reading the Research Notes adds the ability to craft Telekinesis Arrows and reading the spell tome adds the Telekinesis Arrows Lesser Power.
  • All arrow types can be purchased from Fletcher and General Goods Merchants but the Telekinesis and Soul Stealer Arrows can only be crafted by unlocking the ability.
  • Soul Stealer Arrows are created using Soul Gem Arrowheads which are created using the Soul Gem Fragments. Finally putting those things to use. The Soul Gem Fragments cannot be purchased, come in a variety of sizes and must be found mostly in necromancer locations. There's a few in Valerica's Study, and Angeline's Aromatics in Solitude has about 6 that you can take (they respawn) if you are friends with her.
  • Warning: Enemy archers may come into possession of some of these arrow types after the content has been downloaded, such as the Forsworn at Lost Valley Redoubt or the mind-controlled bandits in White Ridge Barrow. With this ammunition, they can do a lot of damage to you and make many once-easy areas very hazardous to visit.