Shivering:Bregor the Cremator

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Bregor the Cremator
Location Ebrocca, Crematorium
Species Skeleton Soul Greater
Level 17 Type Undead
  • 14pts melee, unarmed.
Other Information
Health 350 Magicka 50
Respons. 0 Aggress. 100
Faction(s) Necromancers; UndeadFaction
Bregor the Cremator
These stats are from the highest level of Bregor that can be encountered. See the table for replacement values (Summon Skeleton is only available to the level 17 version.)

Bregor the Cremator is a named skeleton found at Ebrocca. He appears to be guarding the Crematorium of Ebrocca, and he will attack you on sight. He carries a leveled battle axe.

Leveled Stats[edit]

PC Level Level Base ID Health Magic Melee Damage Soul
1 1 00080D25 20 0 5pts melee unarmed Petty
8 6 00080D28 170 0 8pts melee unarmed Lesser
12 10 00080D27 280 0 12pts melee unarmed Common
17 15 00080D26 350 50 14pts melee unarmed Greater