Shadowkey:Glacier Crawl

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In eras gone by they sailed the skies, capturing the stuff of stars.
One still waits for a hero strong enough...
... to brush aside the pawns of the shadow wars...
... and take up this last to take the battle to the heart of the enemy.
One of the level's inhabitants
One of the frozen gates
Captain Nym

Glacier Crawl is a network of icy passages and gates, and the only Shadowkey zone located in High Rock. It can only be accessed via Stout's Trading Post.

Progress through the zone is controlled by frozen gates inscribed with regular symbols. One room near the entrance contains nine levers, each of which has symbols that matches one of the gates. To use a lever, and open its related gate, requires a Frozen key - obtained from the bodies of the blue-skinned inhabitants of the region.

The gates are marked as follows:

1. • — One dot
2. •• •• — Two pairs of dots
3. Δ • — Single triangle and a single dot
4. • • — Two separate dots
5. • •• — Single dot and a pair of dots
6. •• Δ — Pair of dots and a triangle
7. •• • — Pair of dots and a single dot
8. •• — Pair of dots
9. ΔΔ • — Pair of triangles and a single dot

Each Frozen Key can be used only once, so it is important to open gates that will lead you forward in the level before accessing dead ends.

The most unusual feature of the zone is a ship, frozen into the ice. Inside, the ghost of its former captain, Nym, is keen to see the shadow forces destroyed. He will guide you towards the Star Tooth hidden in this zone or, if you already have all seven teeth, reward you with the powerful Star Coif.


Map of Glacier Crawl
  1. Frozen Gate number 1
  2. Frozen Gate number 2
  3. Frozen Gate number 3
  4. Frozen Gate number 4
  5. Frozen Gate number 5
  6. Frozen Gate number 6
  7. Frozen Gate number 7
  8. Frozen Gate number 8
  9. Frozen Gate number 9
  10. Passage to Stout's Trading Post
  11. Frozen Shadow Gate
  12. Captain Nym
  13. The Chieftain and Star Tooth
  14. Gate Control Room