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Captain Nym
Location Glacier Crawl
Type Undead
Other Information
Level N/A XP 0
Health Armor 0
Attack 0 Defense 0
Magic Resistance 0 Spellcasting 0
Damage 0
Captain Nym

In life, Captain Nym was the captain of the airship now embedded in the glacier that gives Glacier Crawl its name. Now he waits for a worthy champion to fight the encroaching shadows.

He possesses the powerful Star Coif, and will present it to a hero who possesses all seven Star Teeth.


"I have waited long, but perhaps you are not who I wait for. Perhaps you are just a morsel of warmth."
Who are you waiting for?/I doubt anyone is coming.
"Ah perhaps I AM waiting for you. Let me peer at you and see if you serve either enemy, Tharn or Asuul."
I serve neither.
"Incredible! You are truly a hero for the ages. You have deprived my enemies of all the known keys.
Perhaps then you will stop their perversion of shadow magics. I shall help you in my small way. Here."
Uh… does peering hurt?
(The apparition chuckles slightly.)
"I suppose not. Still I must know if you serve my enemies, Tharn or Asuul."

Once he gives you the Star Coif:

"The Chieftain kept a Star Tooth in the chest near him. If you have all seven now, then you are ready to challenge the last corruption of shadow, the Umbra' Keth in the Crypt of Hearts."
I have seven.
"They are fire gods, fire gods from the night sky. You haven't lived until you have chased them…
Clouds beneath your feet, wind to your back, crew racing the rigging as you pursue that brilliant flare descending toward the horizon.
But the fire is yours now. I am proud it is with someone so worthy. I will be content with the decks of my ship now."
Goodbye, Captain.
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