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Home Settlement Eastern Elsweyr Gate
Location Siege Range
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Aldmeri Dominion

Zan is a Khajiit who can be found at the siege range at the Eastern Elsweyr Gate.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Welcome to Cyrodiil[edit]

You must deliver the supplies to him at the siege range.

"Very flammable materials here. Watch your tail."
I have a delivery for you.
"Ah, good! Arcarin promised these yesterday; we are always running low.
I have been instructing new recruits on the use of siege weapons. Much ammunition is wasted."

Siege Warfare[edit]

Continuing from the previous conversation, Zan gives you a new task.

"Siege weapons are fascinating, yes? There is much to learn. There are several types, each very useful in its way.
To learn about rams and flaming oil, talk to Miniel by the tower. For trebuchets, catapults, and ballistae, talk to Firamo."
Can I use the weapons?
"Of course, walker. The range is here for that. Spend time with each weapon, firing at the targets we have set up.
Talk to Firamo and Miniel, then return to me when you are done."
I'll be back.

Speaking with him again:


Returning to him after completing the objectives:

"So soon you've learned all there is to know about siege engines?"
I'm done practicing.
"Good. You can buy these weapons from siege merchants at our gates and castles, yes?"
Anything else I should know?
"You should also know how to repair walls, doors, and siege engines. Enemies will batter our castle walls and doors; we must undo this damage to hold onto our castles. Siege weapons can also be damaged; repair is often needed."
How do I repair?
"Driving off attackers is always the first step. Then repair kits can fix some of the damage, yes? Here is a practice repair kit for a siege weapon. Use it on a trebuchet, catapult, or ballista.
When done, Taralin will speak with you."
I'll speak with Taralin once I'm finished practicing repair.


Returning to Zan after completing your training, you can get a refresher:

"Ah, you return to Zan! The siege range is yours to use, walker. Speak with Firamo or Miniel to refresh your memory of how siege weaponry works."
I'd like to learn about siege weapons.
"You can buy them from siege merchants at our gates and castles. They can tell you the best ways to place siege engines on the battlefield.
I know how to repair siege weapons, but Firamo and Miniel can tell you much more."
How do I repair? (Gives you a Practice Siege Repair Kit)
"Driving off attackers is always the first step. Then repair kits can be used to fix some of the damage. Here's a practice repair kit; use it on a siege weapon here."
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