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Warding Stone
Location Igneous Cistern, Maelstrom Arena
Type Stone
Health Normal17,914Veteran(?)
Reaction Neutral
An intact Warding Stone
A disabled Warding Stone

Warding Stones are magical daedric structures found during Stage 8: Igneous Cistern in Maelstrom Arena.

When Infernal Destroyers and the Flame Knight are fought, one of them will reform and must be destroyed to attack the remove the warding effect on them.

When Valkyn Tephra is fought, all three will be active and must be destroyed. It is suggested to deploy as many damage duration attacks (such as AoE) around them as many of them as possible, then finish them off one by one.

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  • The Daedric letters inscribed on them spell out "POWER".
  • There is a furnishing that bears close resemblance to Valkyn Tephra's Warding Stones.
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