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Flame Knight
Location Igneous Cistern, Maelstrom Arena
Race Xivilai Gender Female
Health Normal137,943Veteran(?) Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 2.png
Reaction Hostile
Flame Knight, with warding active
Flame Knight after her warding is broken

The Flame Knight is a xivilai who serves as the mini-boss of the third wave of enemies during Stage 8: Igneous Cistern in Maelstrom Arena.

When she arrives, one of the Warding Stones in the arena will close and shield her, making her invulnerable. It must be smashed again in order to deal damage to her. Unlike the Infernal Destroyers and Valkyn Tephra, the Flame Knight doesn't become stunned for a duration after the stone is broken.

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Sundering Cleave
The Flame Knight cleaves you with her sword, dealing moderate physical damage, snaring you and placing a debuff on you that increases your damage taken for a duration.
Chain Pull
The Flame Knight pulls you to her with a fiery chain.
Fire Breath
The Flame Knight breathes fire on you, dealing high flame damage. Unlike the knight class version of this attack, it is faster and has no indicator.
Searing Fireball
The Flame Knight throws a fireball at you that erupts in a "+" pattern of flame trails, dealing high flame damage.
Standard of Might
The Flame Knight drops a banner at her location, dealing continuous moderate flame damage and continuously granting her a small amount of damage shield while she inside.

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