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Location Sweet Breeze Overlook
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Thrandion is a Bosmer found camping at Sweet Breeze Overlook in Murkmire. He performed several jobs in the past for Jee-Lar but he still wasn't prepared for the realities of the swamps and seems to have had close calls with the wildlife.


"Is everything in this swamp trying to kill me? I nearly got smashed to paste by a miregaunt, mauled by a salamander, strangled by no less than four types of vine …! I'm afraid to do business behind a bush for fear it'll take a swipe at me!"
"I thought doing work for Jee-Lar would prepare me for adventuring in Murkmire. So far none of the insect-repelling candles have worked, and all that salted meat leaves my mouth drier than a desert!"


  • Based on his dialogue, Thrandion appears to have completed some of Jee-Lar's daily quests.