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Help an author find inspiration from past tragedy for her latest work.
Zone: Blackwood
Objective: Gideon — Help Yisara research her next great romance novel.
Quest Giver: Author's Assistant Wanted!, Yisara
Location(s): Gideon, Castle Giovesse, Tavia's Tower
Reward: Scion of Giovesse Breastplate
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
ID: 6634
A romance novelist name Yisara asked me to help her explore the haunted Castle Giovesse. She seems convinced that the castle's tragic history will help inspire her next novel.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak with Yisara.
  2. Test the Spirit Lantern in the city gardens and summon a ghost.
  3. Find the abandoned cottage and search the place.
  4. Summon Mathen Galenus with the Spirit Lantern.
  5. Travel to Castle Giovesse and meet Yisara in the chapel.
  6. Search for clues and use the Spirit Lantern.
  7. Look for Duchess Astella's study and her notes.
  8. Find the mound marked with Heartsbane and dig it up.
  9. Talk with Yisara and then summon Mathen to talk.
  10. Search for the other pieces of armor.
  11. Talk with Duchess Astella after summoning here.
  12. Enter the crypt and retrieve the Sword of Giovesse.
  13. Bring the items to Tavia's Tower and break the curse.
  14. Talk to Mathen and Yisara, help Yisara make her choice.
  15. Talk to Yisara

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Stages[edit]

The Ghostwriter of Giovesse
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should speak to Yisara in Gideon's inn, to see what sort of assistance she requires.
Objective: Talk to Yisara
Latest start Yisara asked me to meet her in the city gardens. According to the locals, a ghostly presence wanders the area. This might be a perfect opportunity to test her magic lantern.
Objective: Go to the City Gardens
Yisara's lantern seems to be reacting to something. I should give it a shake to see if it works.
Objective: Use the Spirit Lantern
I found Yisara in the city gardens. I should talk to her before we try to contact the spirit with her magic lantern.
Optional Step: Talk to Yisara
Yisara's lantern worked! A ghost appeared and is speaking. I should talk to her.
Objective: Talk to Duchess Astella Galenus
The ghost of Duchess Astella insisted that someone named Alizinda placed a curse on Castle Giovesse. I should speak with Yisara about what we discovered and what comes next.
Objective: Talk to Yisara
Yisara wants to investigate the cottage Duchess Astella told us about. It should be northeast of Gideon. If we can summon the ghost of the duchess's son, we might learn more about the curse of Castle Giovesse.
Objective: Find the Lovers' Cottage
We found the cottage where Mathen and his lover, Alizinda, used to meet. I should have a look around.
Objective: Search the Lovers' Cottage
Hidden Objective: Find Journal
Hidden Objective: Find Ring
I found a tarnished ring and the frayed remains of an old journal. I should show these items to Yisara.
Objective: Talk to Yisara
I should light the spirit lantern to summon Mathen's ghost. Hopefully he can shed some light on the origin of the curse.
Objective: Use the Spirit Lantern
The lantern illuminated another restless spirit: Duchess Astella's son, Mathen. I should speak with him.
Objective: Talk to Mathen Galenus
Mathen is not sure if his missing regalia is tied to his spirit being bound to this plane, but suggested we investigate the chapel in the ruins of the once-proud Castle Giovesse.
Objective: Go to the Castle Giovesse Chapel
We found the chapel in Castle Giovesse where Duchess Astella laid Mathen to rest. I should search for Mathen's golden armor. With any luck, it will provide the means to break the castle's curse.
Objective: Search the Chapel
I discovered a curious incantation scrawled on a dusty scroll. This may be related to the Giovesse curse. I should share it with Yisara.
Objective: Talk to Yisara
Yisara seems confident that Alizinda did not write this incantation, which means someone else is responsible for the curse. I should ignite the spirit lantern again. With any luck, a nearby ghost can shed some more light on this mystery.
Objective: Use the Spirit Lantern
Duchess Astella appeared when I ignited the lantern. I should find out what she's doing in the chapel.
Objective: Talk to Duchess Astella Galenus
Duchess Astella, not Alizinda, inadvertently placed the curse on Castle Giovesse during a botched necromantic ritual. Finding the duchess' notes may be our only means of reversing the spell and liberating the souls trapped here.
Objective: Find Duchess Astella Galenus's Notes
I discovered Duchess Astella's notes. I should discuss their contents with Yisara.
Objective: Talk to Yisara
In order to break the curse on Castle Giovesse, we need to find Mathen's golden armor. According to Duchess Astella's notes, we'll find his helm, breastplate, and shield hidden under clumps of heartsbane all around the castle grounds.
Objective: Find Mathen Galenus's Armor
We found piece of Mathen's armor, but Yisara wants to speak before we continue our search.
Objective: Talk to Yisara
Yisara feels uneasy about collecting Mathen's armor and wants to try contacting him again to get his opinion. I should ignite the spirit lantern to see if he'll appear.
Objective: Use the Spirit Lantern
Mathen appeared. I should speak to him about Yisara's concerns.
Objective: Talk to Mathen Galenus
Driven by romantic passion, Mathen whisked Yisara away and vanished. I need to find the rest of his armor quickly. Hopefully performing the duchess's ritual will bring him and Yisara back.
Objective: Find the Rest of Mathen Galenus's Armor
Hidden Objective: Find Shield
Hidden Objective: Find Breastplate
I found Mathen's breastplate and shield. I should ignite the spirit lantern to summon Duchess Astella. Hopefully she can help me break the curse and rescue Yisara.
Objective: Use the Spirit Lantern
Duchess Astella appeared. I should talk to her about how to break the curse and how to free Yisara.
Objective: Talk to Duchess Astella Galenus
Duchess Astella requires one last item to break the curse: the Sword of Giovesse. I need to delve into the castle's mausoleum to reclaim the blade.
Objective: Find the Sword of Giovesse
I found the Sword of Giovesse. I should take it and Mathen's armor to Tavia's Tower. Hopefully we can break the curse and return Yisara to the land of the living.
Objective: Go to Tavia's Tower
I should use the spirit lantern one last time to summon the spirits of Castle Giovesse.
Objective: Use the Spirit Lantern
The Duchess, Mathen, and Yisara all appeared when I used the spirit lantern. Duchess Astella urged me to lay out Mathen's armor and the Sword of Giovesse. Hopefully this will free both the spirits of Giovesse and Yisara.
Objective: Lay Out Mathen's Sword and Armor
Duchess Astella vanished when I returned Mathen's regalia to the the altar in Tavia's Tower, but Mathen himself remains. I should talk to him about what happened.
Objective: Talk to Mathen Galenus
Mathen believes his soul is bound to the ring of Mara he intended to give to Alizinda all those years ago. He wants to speak with Yisara about what he should do.
Objective: Let Mathen Speak to Yisara
Mathen declared his love for Yisara and told her that the ring she carries has the power to bind him to her. If she destroys the ring, his spirit will fade to Aetherius and his soul will be at peace. The choice is hers. I should talk to her.
Objective: Talk to Yisara
☑Finishes quest Yisara seems eager to accept Mathen's proposal. I should speak with her.
Objective: Talk to Yisara
Yisara couldn't bring herself to destroy the ring and asked me to do it.
Objective: Destroy the Ring
☑Finishes quest Yisara was moved by Mathen's proposal, but her conscience moved her to destroy the ring that bound Mathen to the mortal plane. I should talk to her about what comes next.
Objective: Talk to Yisara
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