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The Crow
Location The Scholarium
Species Crow
Health 15,000
Reaction Friendly
The Crow

The Crow is a familiar of Ulfsild and a guardian of the Scholarium.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Dialogue[edit]

The Second Era of Scribing[edit]

The Crow will arrive after you close the five doors and witness the explosion.

Votary Nahlia: "Augh!"
Votary Nahlia: "Ugh … that wasn't the best idea I've ever had."
The Crow: "Meddlers! Thieves! What have you done to my altar?"
Votary Nahlia: "We were just trying to calm things down. Who in Oblivion are you?"

You can talk to her:

"This is a fine way to wake after centuries of restless slumber! Did she send you?
You're not at all what I was promised. It wasn't enough to break in, you had to smash the altar too?"
We were trying to calm the unstable magic. Who are you?
"You may call me the Crow. This is the Scholarium, and … I see now. She didn't send you.
If she had, your knight wouldn't have smashed the altar's focusing crystal!"
I want to help, just tell me what to do.
"I suppose if you meant true harm, you could have done much worse. We'll need a new crystal to act as a focus for the altar.
Procure one, and … pinfeathers. I suppose it's the only way. We'll have to try."
Have to try what?
"This altar focuses power to shape the very heart of magic itself. If we're going to get things under control, I'll need to talk you through the rite of Scribing.
But first things first. There should be an old focus or two in the east wing. Hurry."
I'll find a new focus in the east wing.
"The east wing should still have a replacement crystal boxed up somewhere.
Don't let the Scholarium's defenses stand in your way. Hurry now."
What is Scribing? Can you tell me what's going on?
"We'll have all the time in the world to talk after the magic here is quelled. If the altar isn't stabilized our conversation options will be very limited. Because we will be dead."
I'll find that crystal, then.

As you return with the crystals:

The Crow: "Yes, good! Bring the crystal to the altar. Place it in the empty locus."
"Hurry! Put the crystal on the altar!"

As you place the crystal:

The Crow: "If we are to quell this magic, we must focus it into a new creation. Place your hands on the altar."

If you talk with her before interacting with the altar again:

"Place your hands on the altar. I will tell you what to do next."

As you interact with the altar and prepare your first spell:

The Crow: "This is the Scribing Altar. Make this Grimoire your own."
The Crow: "The skill is scribed. The magic of the Scholarium is calmed."
The Crow: "Well done. Let's talk about what comes next."
Votary Nahlia: "Hang on. What just happened?"
"It's done. The altar is quiet and for the first time in centuries, Scribing has returned to Tamriel.
It's clear Ulfsild did not send you. But I believe she would be quite proud of you just the same."
Ulfsild didn't send us. Who is she?
"Archmage Ulfsild the Evergreen? Warrior-witch of Kyne's Aegis? Clever woman of the Druadach? The Pale's priestess of Jhunal?
She created the Scholarium, and perfected the art of Scribing."
And that's what I just did, Scribing? Shaping magic?
"Like a ray of sunlight from Magnus himself. Yes, Scribing is an art developed by Archmage Ulfsild in collaboration with powerful beings, spirits if you like.
They are called the Luminaries of magic. And you, adventurer, are going to seek them out."
Why would I do that?
"To inherit Ulfsild's legacy. To make your mark on spellcraft itself. The Luminaries wait beyond these beautiful sealed doors.
If you're willing, I will guide you on the path of Scribing. I will take you under my wing."
And I can Scribe more grimoires, shape new skills?
"There is a world of magic beyond your mortal ken, adventurer. With the Luminaries at your side, there is nothing you cannot accomplish.
Speak to your knight. Consider my offer."
I'll talk to Nahlia.
"There is much to be done. But it will be good to flex my feathers again."
I have many questions for you.
"And I have questions for you, it's been so long since I've spoken to someone like this.
I'll spare you my interrogation. I'll learn more about you as you follow the path of the Luminaries."
You called this place the Scholarium? Where are we?
"We are beneath an island called Eyevea. In ages past Eyevea was a sanctuary for magic, founded by Ulfsild's husband. Archmagus Shalidor.
I am caretaker to this space, Ulfsild's familiar. Set to watch over it when the island was lost."
If Eyevea is in Oblivion:
If Eyevea is on Tamriel:
Why was the island lost?
"Eyevea was taken by the Daedric Prince Sheogorath, off to the Shivering Isles. Shalidor made a foolish pact with the Prince, and the island was lost in the bargain.
The Scholarium was lost as well, along with much of Ulfsild's precious work."
Are we in the Shivering Isles right now?
"We are. But don't get your feathers in a ruffle. The Scholarium was shielded from mages, Princes, and powers long ago.
Time has not been kind to Ulfsild's library, but those protective wards still stand strong."
The island was returned to Nirn. I helped the Archmage best Sheogorath.
"Impressive, and well timed. The Mad God's discovery of the Scholarium would have been catastrophic.
I felt the shift when Eyevea returned to Nirn, but had no idea what called it home. I can think of no one better suited to inherit Ulfsild's legacy."
What more can you tell me about Ulfsild?
"Has all record of her accomplishments been lost? Not a footnote remains of her life and deeds?
Her discovery of the Luminaries began long before she met and wed Archmage Shalidor. Though their collaboration would encompass the work of a lifetime."
If Eyevea is in Oblivion:
If Eyevea is on Tamriel:
What happened to Archmage Shalidor?
"I don't know. The fate of Ulfsild and Shalidor spiraled out of my sight when I was left to watch the Scholarium.
They were very much in love, unless something changed between them. But they understood they would not see the end together."
Shalidor became so obsessed with reclaiming Eyevea that Ulfsild left him.
"She did? I'm saddened. And ... surprised. They were very much in love.
They always knew they would not see the end together, but I doubt either of them expected things would end like that."
What do you mean? They knew they wouldn't be together forever?
"Shalidor was one of the greatest mages to walk the face of Nirn. He planned to live until the Aedra themselves wrested him from this world.
But Ulfsild didn't want to live forever. She wanted to leave behind a legacy. Now, thanks to you, she will."
Can you tell me more about these Luminaries of magic?
"They are beings of pure magic, hence their name. Utterly unique, like beams of light emanating from the face of Magnus himself.
Each has chosen a shape that suits their personality, following goals and interests entirely of their own choosing."
Where do they come from?
"Ask each Luminary what they are, where they came from, or how they came to be and they'll each give you a different answer.
My suggestion is that you meet them, learn all you can, and decide the answer to that question for yourself."
You said the Luminaries could teach me about Scribing?
"As they, themselves, once taught Ulfsild. Yes. The Luminaries understand magic in a way mortals never could.
Their power, freely given, will allow you access to arcane mysteries others could only dream of."
What exactly is Scribing?
"Like a flock moving across the sky, Scribing twists and turns in the wind. It was an art form, a discipline, and a life's work.
And as she got to know the Luminaries it became a collaboration with her very best friends."
Why did Ulfsild develop Scribing?
"Ulfsild saw the world differently. She could literally see magic, watch as it spiraled in ribbons across the world.
As she grew up and formally learned to cast spells, it gave her a perspective on magecraft no one else had."
Scribing was a way for her to help others see magic like she did?
"Yes, yes. She hoped that with proper technique and a sufficiently powerful focus anyone could develop the same … relationship with magic she had.
She spent the work of lifetimes pursuing that dream. And never quite saw her work bear fruit."
What makes Scribing work? The grimoires and scripts and ink?
"Most spells and skills are time-honored traditions. Reliable, consistent. But they lack artistry, require nothing from the caster beyond a basic understanding of how magicka flows.
I described Scribing as an art because it requires artistry."
She combined art with magic?
"Yes, that's a good way to look at it. Grimoires are spells and skills built from the ground up with artistry. No one would claim they're the most efficient, most reliable workings.
But they're far more flexible than the average magecraft."
They're flexible. That's where the scripts come in?
"Hah, you've got it. You can paint a picture with many different brushes, many different colors, can you not?
Scribing allows a talented hand to do the same with magic. Crafting a spell or skill in just the artistic fashion you want."
How did the Luminaries help her with Scribing?
"Ulfsild's innate gift to see magicka brought with it a lifetime of lived experiences not easily transferred to others.
So she developed the art of shaping magic via ink, parchment, and quill. What was missing was raw mystical strength."
The Luminaries lent her strength?
"In so many ways. Scribing hinges upon the borrowed power of the Luminaries channeled through the altar.
With their power flowing to the focus at the heart of the Scholarium a mage is able to do incredible, ineffable acts of creation."

The Wing of the Indrik[edit]

"I'm glad you've chosen to stay, interloper. The path to master Scribing is not an easy one, but its rewards are innumerable.
Your knight appears to be leaving. Did I ruffle her feathers with my caws?"
She's going to report in to the Mages Guild and request some assistance here.
"A guild … of Mages? Fascinating. But a topic for another conversation.
Let's stay focused. Ulfsild prepared for the day that someone would follow in her footsteps. She left behind resources, notes and information for her eventual inheritor."
And you want me to be this inheritor?
"What I want is immaterial. The Luminaries will dictate your future as a scriber of grimoires, an editor of spells.
That said, I am Ulfsild's familiar. I can guide your early steps. Get you flying in the right direction. Where you perch is up to you."
Where do I start?
"Ulfsild left a number of echoes, instructional illusions, scattered throughout the library. Their aim is to guide you through the process of contacting the Luminaries. Making allies of them once again.
There's one just behind you. See for yourself."
I'll see what Ulfsild has to say, then.
"The echo at the base of the altar is just one of many. Much of the Scholarium's knowledge has been lost to time.
But, if Magnus wills it, Ulfsild's preparations should be enough to see us through."
I have many questions for you.
What exactly is Scribing?

(You may ask her again about the topics she spoke of during the first meeting. Her answers will be the same.)

As you finish the conversation:

The Crow: "Fly back to me when you have followed Ulfsild's instructions."

After you interact with Ulfsild's Echo of Introduction and Ulfsild's Echo of the Lens, and collect the true-sight lens:

"Good! You found the lens. It will be your most important tool in tracing a path to the Luminaries.
Merely holding the lens will attune you to the flow of magic. You will begin to see focal points, impressions left behind by these mystical beings."
How do I use these focal points?
"It's quite simple: stand in one and peer through the lens. Hidden magics in many forms will be revealed to you.
Doors, glyphs, even secrets layered within tomes. But here, enough talk. Let's begin."
Where do I start?
"Gather your feathers about you. Nearby you will see a focal point and the Fable of the Indrik. Read the book, then step into the focal point.
Peer through the lens, and you'll see the tome in an all-new light."
I'll give it a try.
"Ulfsild's secrets are all around us. You need only know where to look.
Read the Fable of the Indrik, then use the lens and re-examine the tome. You'll see what I mean."
Can you tell me more about this lens?
"Ulfsild created the True-Sight Lens as she developed the art of Scribing.
From a young age she could see magic in a way few others could. This intuitive understanding of magic was what led her to the Luminaries, and inspired Scribing itself."
If she could see magic why did she need the lens?
"Seeing and understanding are two different things, interloper.
The lens was a tool, a high branch to give her a bird's eye view of impressions left behind by the Luminaries."
What do you mean she could "see" magic?
"From a very young age, Archmage Ulfsild found she could see the current of magic as it flowed across Nirn.
Faintly at times, more strongly in others. A rare and precious gift, one granted by Magnus himself no doubt."

After reading Fable of the Indrik:

The Crow: "Now enter the focal point and peer through the lens. You will see what was unseen in the fable."

You may talk to her again:

"Did you have questions for me?"
Can you tell me more about this lens?

(You may ask her again about the topics she spoke of earlier. Her answers will be the same, though she will greet you differently)

If you talk to her again after using the lens, but before reading the book again:

"Ulfsild's annotations have been revealed.
Read the fable once more to learn its hidden meaning."

After reading Fable of the Indrik (Annotated):

The Crow: "Excellent. Ulfsild's annotations will tell you where you need to go."

You may talk to her again:

"You've seen the hidden annotations, then? And you know where you are going?"
It looks like Ulfsild's notes lead to Auridon.
"You should be able to follow those annotations in sequence, leading you from location to location.
Just like the hunter in the fable, you seek the Indrik now. Let Ulfsild be your guide."
Is there anything else I need to know?
"As this is your first time, I will accompany you into the field. Not everything you need to know is on the page.
I will teach you how to break the Luminary wards and retrieve key fragments to enter the Indrik's domain!"
I'll see you in Auridon, then.
"I'll meet you at the Lady's standing stone in Auridon.
How nice it'll be to really stretch my wings again."
Do all the Luminaries have fables like this?
"Indeed. Ulfsild gathered hundreds of tomes in her search for these tales. A small handful of her annotated volumes will be needed to find the Luminaries.
Beyond the Indrik, you will seek them out in whatever order you choose."
Why am I starting with the Indrik?
"Ulfsild felt a kinship with him. He was the first of the Luminaries to ally with the Archmage, and the first to commit his power to the altar.
If any of these unorthodox beings are still loyal to Ulfsild, I felt he would be the one."
I'm not sure how the Luminaries connect to Scribing or the altar.
"Tilt your head and think of the altar as the heart of the Scholarium. Without it, the library would simply be a graveyard of tomes. A lifeless shell filled with old knowledge and stories of the past.
What makes that heart beat? What gives it life?"
The Luminaries of Magic?
"Yes. Before the doors were sealed the Indrik, Netch, Dragon, and Gryphon fed the altar their strength.
Now the heart of the Scholarium struggles to beat. And without that beating heart, your mastery of Scribing will stagnate."
How do we know they'll be willing to share their strength with the altar again?
"Ah, there's the trick. We don't. Ulfsild underwent trials to prove her worth, to gain their trust. But that was lifetimes ago.
All we can hope to do now is find the Luminaries and remind them of their promise to Ulfsild. The rest is up to you."

(You also still can ask her about the lens, but her answers will remain identical)

You can find the Crow again at the site of the The Lady Mundus Stone in Auridon.

The Crow: "Here we are! Where the fabled chase began."
"Ah, what a flight! I almost didn't want to land. But, to business.
The Luminaries are beings of great power. Each has a domain they have shaped to their choosing. Each domain has a door and each door, of course, has a key."
Where can I find this key?
"As I said in the library, let the fable be your guide. We are here, at the Lady. The first annotated location in the fable.
Just as you did back at the Scholarium, peer through the True-Sight Lens within a focal point."
What am I looking for?
"Magic wards left behind by the Indrik. A trio of these wards hide a fragment of his key.
Once revealed, these wards can be dispelled from a distance. Clear them all and the key fragment will be revealed. Don't worry, I'll help you find it."
Only a fragment of the key?
"If the Luminaries share one trait, it's a love of a challenge overcome. Yes, you'll need to gather three key fragments to open the Indrik's door.
Let's begin. And remember, if you lose your sight, there will always be more focal points at hand."
All right, I'll use the lens and find the Indrik's wards.
"Peer through the lens, reveal the wards, and claim the key fragment. This may seem a small step, but an incredible path waits before you."
Do all the Luminaries have fables like this? (this question was previously asked)
I'm not sure how the Luminaries connect to Scribing or the altar. (this question was previously asked)
Why are the Luminary keys hidden?
"I'm not sure I can give you a simple answer to that question. Perhaps some of the Luminaries can give you their perspective.
My best guess? When you see magic the way they do, your taste for the company of mortal mages might sour."
So mages … annoy them?
"That ruffles the feathers more than I intended. Think of it this way, your average archmage is just a neophyte compared to the Luminaries.
I think these hidden keys are a way to dissuade … let's call them casual questions."

Right before using the lens:

The Crow: "The lens shows you magic the way Ulfsild saw it, shades of how the Luminaries see it. Now, find the wards!"

As you dispel the wards:

The Crow: "Your vision has faded once more. Find another focal point. Peer through the lens and break the wards to find the key fragment."
The Crow: "Find two more wards to reveal the fragment."
The Crow: "Your vision has faded. Find another focal point. Each will be in sight of a ward."

As you dispelled the final ward:

The Crow: "The wards are gone, and the fragment revealed!"

After you collect the key fragment:

The Crow: "The first key fragment is yours. Well done!"
"You've taken to this well, your early steps to master Scribing. But from here, I must take my leave. Return to the Scholarium.
Ulfsild, I believe, wanted her inheritor to walk this path alone."
All right. I just need to find the other two key fragments, right?
"Just as you did here, use the fable to find your way. Dispel the wards and, with key in hand, you should be able to open the door.
And meet the Luminary Indrik face to face."
What then?
"He will likely ask you to prove yourself worthy of his power. I have a good feeling about you, interloper. Altar-breaker. I have faith you can do it.
Magnus guide you on your journey, and I'll see you back at the Scholarium."
See you there.
"Just remember, you can always reference the Fable of the Indrik from your bag. Ulfsild's annotations will guide you on your journey.
Find the wards, obtain the fragments. And soon you shall meet your first Luminary of Magic."
Can you remind me where the other key fragments are here in Auridon?
"Heh. Just remember. In your quest to meet other Luminaries, I will not be around to act as a guide.
The next set of wards lie within the ruins of Ondil. The third are on the eastern island of Buraniim. Ulfsild's annotations make that clear."
And the door to the Indrik's domain?
"It lies on an island off the southwest coast of Auridon, atop a rise that now features a lighthouse beacon.
You'll find it, interloper. Just as Ulfsild did, all those years ago."
Why are the Luminary keys hidden? (this question was previously asked)

Inside Ondil:

The Crow: "Excellent! The wards are nearby. Seek the key fragment. Walk the path."

On the Buraniim Isle:

The Crow: "Gather your feathers about you. The last fragment is within those ruins."

On the South Beacon's isle:

The Crow: "You've flown true, the Luminary Indrik's door is close. Find a path to the top, and take the next step on your journey."

After you finish your meeting with the Indrik:

"The Indrik has given you a series of challenges? Excellent. Things are proceeding apace. Do your best to fulfill his wishes.
Gaining the Indrik's favor may help you connect to the other Luminaries."

After you received the sigil from the Indrik:

"I can sense the power of the Indrik within you. You are one step closer to unlocking the potential of the Scribing altar."

The Wing of the Netch[edit]

As you begin the quest:

The Crow: "Hmm. I see you've found whatever this is. It's not the Fable of the Netch, as I recall it."
Votary Nahlia: "Nevertheless an entertaining read. I quite enjoyed the Netch bosom."
"I am occasionally fond of the Netch's levity. However, if you are short on patience for playful antics, you may find this a difficult trial.
Worth it, I think, on your path to master Scribing."
Why is this book called Nable of the Fetch?
"A prank, no doubt. The Netch is known for pranks and tricks. It enjoys wandering invisibly, causing mischief and spreading what it considers to be joy.
The Netch almost certainly traded out the Scholarium's fable for one of its authorship."
How should I find the real fable?
"I think it likely the Netch will reveal some sign to you. It delights in showing off its … cleverness.
Nahlia and I discovered an echo in the west wing that should relate to the Netch. I'm sure whatever you learn there will be most instructive."
All right. I'll start there.
"I hope nothing else has been tampered with. There's already so much wrong in the Scholarium. So much that didn't stand the test of time."
What can you tell me about the Netch?
"A vain, jovial, and generous being. It approaches life's solemn moments as an opportunity for new ways to demonstrate its wit and whimsy.
The Netch and Ulfsild got along famously well, but I find it to be a little … much."
Why is that?
"It enjoys being the center of attention, its tendrils ever reaching for ever more. Ruffles my feathers a bit.
Its actions will seem enigmatic, even esoteric. But it really does mean well. I think."
Thank you for talking about it.

You may ask her about hints about the location of the true fable later:

"Well? More tricks? Or did you find the real Fable of the Netch?"
Can you give me any clues on locations in the fable?
"The real fable? Of course. I remember it well.
Let's see, there was mention of the Zainab, yes? The ruins you seek are called Nchuleft. Be sure not to fall like the Ashlander in the story. The Netch may not see fit to catch you."

After receiving the challenge from the Netch you may ask her for advice:

"The Netch acts in good faith. Some have found its attitude … irksome, but I believe its intentions are pure.
I hope more come to walk these halls with the passion of the Netch."
The Netch asked me to complete some favors. Any advice on which I should do?
"If you decide to head into either the Forgotten Wastes or that … other place that I will not attempt to pronounce, be on your guard. The creatures that roam there are more powerful than most. You may do well to bring a companion with you."

As you leave the Wing of the Netch after receiving the task to visit Suran:

The Crow: "Knight, you have an aptitude for magic. Perhaps you just have not found the right teacher …."
Votary Nahlia: "You sound like my mother. I know enough magic to get by. It's just not my focus."

You can talk to her:

"The ink does not yet flow. I assume you are still working to complete the Netch's trial?"
What can you tell me about the Netch? (her answer will be the same as previously)

If you talk to her again after talking to Nahlia:

"Fascinating how the Netch has adapted to our presence here."
What can you tell me about the Netch? (her answer will be the same as previously)

The Wing of the Dragon[edit]

If you interact with her during the quest:

"You're on the path to meet the Dragon. This Luminary was a real challenge for Ulfsild, and might prove the same for you.
Just remember to breath deeply, and stay calm. That's what she told herself, the first time through."

You may ask her about hints about the location of the fable later:

Do you have any clues for the riddles from the Fable of the Dragon?
"The monastery, Do'Krin, can be found southwest of grand Rawl'kha on a crescent moon of water.
I don't wish to reveal any more. Ulfsild put her thoughts down plain enough. Have faith in your own cleverness. Good luck."

After you return from the Wing of the Dragon:

"The Dragon's challenges were particularly taxing for Ulfsild. I hope you're not losing too many feathers dealing with her."
The Dragon said I could ask for help if I needed it. Do you make anything from these riddles?
"Interesting. I wonder why she didn't recommend the same to Ulfsild.
The Riddle of the Moon. You may remember Do'Krin Monastery from the fable. A unique flower blooms there. I believe that's what you're meant to collect."
Thank you, Crow.

After you return again, this time tasked with coming up with the riddle:

"That look on your face. The Dragon gave you her trial, didn't she? She asked you to craft a riddle she can't solve."
She did. I was hoping you could tell me about Ulfsild's riddle.
"Just to warn you, there's no way the Dragon will accept Ulfsild's riddle as your own.
But I'm sure it would help to see the approach she took. Ulfsild left behind a number of notes, the Dragon's trial was one that truly challenged her."
That's good to hear. Nahlia had a lead to follow as well. Where are the notes?
"That's excellent. I'd go looking for a focal point near the echo you accessed earlier. If I know Ulfsild, and I do, she'd have made sure her notes were somewhere nearby.
I'll send Nahlia your way if she comes looking for you."
I'll go looking for those notes.

You can talk to her again:

"If you're looking for inspiration, search the many libraries within the Scholarium.
Somewhere Ulfsild must have left behind notes about how she approached the Dragon's task."

Once you restore the altar:

The Crow: "And with that, the power of the Dragon has been restored to the altar."

The Wing of the Gryphon[edit]

After your return from the Wing of the Gryphon:

"The Fox was able to leave the Gryphon's side at any time, but I wonder how much he did. You've done a kind deed today."
Do you have any insight into any of these tasks?
"Lost Prospect. Yes. I believe the land he speaks of is just east of Riften.
Foxroot is exceedingly rare. An herb used in clever magic. Ulfsild often sent the Fox on errands to retrieve it. Its scent must remind the Gryphon of her."

After you return with creatia of the three Daedric Princes:

"The Netch and the Dragon may be more outspoken. The Indrik more powerful. But I believe the Gryphon and the Fox were part of the Scholarium's heart.
Good to see that heart beating again."

The Wing of the Crow[edit]

Once you completed all previous wings:

The Crow: "Ah, at last. We come to the final wing."
"You perch atop a mountain of accomplishments, an interloper no longer.
You've unlocked the wings of the Netch, the Dragon, the Gryphon, and the Indrik. Now only a final door remains."
The unmarked door. Is it open now?
"It is, and beyond lies your final trial to restore the Scholarium. Your proctor for this test shall be me.
As you may have already guessed, I am the last Luminary who might lend their power to the Scribing Altar."
The final wing is your wing?
"The Wing of the Crow. When we first met, I said that it was up to the Luminaries if you would be Ulfsild's inheritor.
Now you face a test unlike any you have seen before. There is an echo of Ulfsild nearby. Listen to it, and then we fly."
Let's get started.

After you enter the Arena of Luminary Flames within the Crow's Labyrinthian

The Crow: "Welcome to the Labyrinthian! Or at least, my version of this ancient maze."
"Welcome to my roost, to the Wing of the Crow. I am a Luminary just like the others. Though I'm the youngest of our number by far.
Right now, my fable lacks a fitting end. I hope that you and Nahlia can change that."
Why didn't you tell us that you're a Luminary of Magic?
"Pinfeathers, mortal. When we first met I didn't know your quality. I spent many years in solitude, guarding and hoping to guide.
Now, here we are. You, a worthy inheritor to Ulfsild's legacy. Me, the proctor in your trial. Are you ready to begin?"
I'm ready. What do I do?
"I shaped my domain to be the perfect trial space, based on Shalidor's Labyrinthian. It will finally prove you are the one I have awaited. Showcase what you have learned in your journey to master Scribing.
We start here, in the Luminary antechamber."
What is the challenge here?
"Ulfsild named us Luminaries, magical lights in the darkness. This puzzle asks you to set braziers ablaze in honor of that name.
Just think back to your time with the Dragon. You know everything you need to complete this puzzle. Good luck."
I'll get started, then.

After completing a couple of challenges, you will enter a door to the Labyrinthian Maze. In the Labyrinthian Maze:

The Crow: "Nahlia! Adventurer! You made it!"[verification needed — Exact wording and trigger]

At the other end of the Labyrinthian Maze:

"Adventurer, welcome to the end. You've overcome innumerable challenges, and you stand poised to fulfill the legacy left behind by Ulfsild all those years ago.
You are the inheritor of the Scholarium."
Thank you, Crow. What else is left to do to complete your trial?
"You've collected grimoires, scoured the world for scripts, and scribed powerful spells and skills. You have power, inheritor, and I want to see you demonstrate it."
How do I do that?
"No matter how clever or compassionate we are, we must fight for what we believe in.
Gather your feathers, use what you've learned on your journey, and defeat the beast of the maze. Good luck."'
We'll see it done.

She summons the beast:

The Crow: "Rise, Aut'arioth!"
Votary Nahlia: "A fight, is it? This, this I can do."

She will call out during the battle:

The Crow: "Prove yourself, inheritor."
The Crow: "Prove your worth."
The Crow: "The ultimate test."

After Aut'arioth is defeated:

Votary Nahlia: "Phew! Glad we managed to beat that one!"
The Crow: "A marvelous display of power! Precisely what I wished to see."

Speaking to the Crow after the battle:

"Aut'arioth could meet no more fitting end.
Inheritor, you've come all this way on the wings of fables. Let me tell you one final story. In the last days of the Scholarium, Ulfsild's heart was filled with sorrow."
She said as much in her final echoes.
"Ulfsild gave up so much to develop the art of Scribing. The Scholarium was her home. And the Luminaries were her family.
On the precipice of losing everything, she spread her wings and soared. She enacted a rite, the ultimate act of Scribing."
What did the rite do?
"She gathered every scrap of evidence she found during her time with the Luminaries. And created one of her own.
A wellspring of magic, the heart of the Scholarium, was expended through the Scribing altar. And I was born."
Ulfsild created you?
"The Scribing rite flashed the Archmage's mind upon the gathered power. And so I am her, from that moment.
I went from woman to Crow, and had precious little time to speak with myself before the Scholarium was torn away."
That's incredible.

When you leave the conversation, the other Luminaries will appear:

The Crow: "I am the Crow, a piece of Ulfsild left behind to see Scribing passed to you. To the world."
Votary Nahlia "The Luminaries. Look!"
The Indrik: "She wisely used her power to ensure her legacy."
The Dragon: "Ulfsild's keen mind ensured you could follow in her footsteps."
The Gryphon: "She was a fierce protector, defiant for what she cared about most."
The Netch: "Her compassion lifted everyone around her. Just as it lifted you!"
The Crow: "I am the shadow of a singular person. A being born in sorrow but filled with hope.
I have soared on the winds of magic for centuries to be here with you today, Inheritor."

Speak with the Crow again:

"I was Ulfsild, it's true. But after all these years, I much prefer my feathers.
Only two things remain. Who will tend to the Scholarium? And the location of the final sigil, the last bit of power needed to amplify the altar."
What do you mean by tend to the Scholarium?
"I have watched you and Nahlia as you have struggled through the trials. Life is a maze. Legacies are a blessing. And the burdens of both should not be endured alone.
You are a master of Scribing, but I can already sense other adventures await you."
That does tend to happen to me.
"Indeed. Nahlia, Knight of the Lamp. Do not shirk from my gaze. You have proven yourself, side by side, through challenges of the mind and heart.
I would have you take up the mantle of the Scholarium's librarian. Its master."
I'll talk to her about it.
"Excellent. Then that just leaves my sigil. Ulfsild's sigil. After she completed the rite and left me to safeguard the Scholarium, she took that symbol with her.
I sense its final resting place. Along the water's edge in the hold of Eastmarch."
Understood. Nahlia and I will seek it out.

Nahlia is surprised but will open a portal and leave for Eastmarch:

Votary Nahlia: "Hang on. Me? Tend to the Scholarium?
What will I tell the Votary Commander? In … in the meantime let me get that portal to Eastmarch going."
The Crow: "You'll do just fine, knight. I will await both of you back at the altar."

If you speak to the Crow again before you enter the portal:

"I hope I … I hope Ulfsild left something of herself behind, where you're going."'

After you return to the Scholarium from Eastmarch with the Sigil of the Crow:

Votary Nahlia: "Ulfsild left behind the sigil, your sigil. She had a long, happy life after the Scholarium, Crow."
The Crow: "I'm … relieved to hear it. The altar is yours, inheritor."

Speaking to the Crow before placing the sigil:

"You have it, my sigil. Well done, inheritor. Amplify the altar, and bring this journey to an end."

If you speak to her after you place the sigil on the altar:

"Don't worry, inheritor. I'll continue to guide Nahlia through the many challenges the Scholarium may present.
If nothing else, who will help her keep the Netch in line?"

After you complete the quest:

Votary Nahlia: "Crow, how would you feel about us opening our doors to the Guild? Letting the world appreciate Ulfsild's legacy firsthand?"
The Crow: "I believe Ulfsild the Evergreen would have loved that."


After completing the Scribing questline, you can find the Crow in the Scholarium and speak to her:

"I watched over this dormant library for centuries. Now it's filled with life and joy. I know she would be thrilled by this.
Pinfeathers. What do you do once you've outlived your destiny?"
Can I ask you something?
"Ask away, inheritor. No more secrets, not for this bird."
Are you going to stay here with Nahlia?
"I won't wing off and leave her to fend for herself, not after all this. But I just might do some flying once she's settled.
I feel quite sane for someone cooped up for centuries? But it would be nice to get out and see the world Ulfsild remembered."
Why didn't you tell us you were a Luminary sooner?
"I first met you and Nahlia, if you recall, when she smashed the focusing crystal on the altar. Not the best first impression.
Jokes aside, I gave myself this sacred charge. A destiny to live out. I felt I had to be caustious."
Do you think you lived up to that destiny?
"You and Nahlia are committed to the continuation of Ulfsild's work. The Luminaries are safe and happy.
And we're in a library filled with life and laughter. That sounds like destiny to me."
The chaotic magic when we first arrived here. Was that because of you?
"We were embarrassed, to say the least. But there wasn't time to develop the ritual to her normal exacting standards.
Perhaps it was fate. After all, who knows if Nahlia would have ever found the Scholarium if not for that chaotic energy?"