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Help cure a sick Orc.
Zone: Shadowfen
Quest Giver: Gordag
Location(s): Atanaz Ruins, Hissmir
Reward: Chieftain's Greaves
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: 2124 XP
In the depths of Atanaz Ruins I came across the corpse of Gordag, cooked in his armor by a beast that dwells there.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Read Gordag's journal.
  2. Create an antidote.
  3. Take the antidote to Mozgosh in Hissmir.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Start the quest by locating Gordag's corpse in Atanaz Ruins. Inspect the body:

<The body is warm to the touch. The odor of charred flesh suggests he was burned inside his armor.>
<Search the body.>
<The armor's fused joints make a thorough search difficult. You find a small, leather-bound journal and a tiny crystal phial in the remains.>
<Take the Orc's belongings.>

Gordag's Journal will be added to your Quest Items. You need to read it to advance the quest. You can read it from your inventory; alternatively, the game will offer you a prompt to read it if you're standing near Gordag's body. The journal describes how Gordag came to Atanaz Ruins to seek ingredients for an antidote for his daughter, Mozgosh, after she was poisoned during an attempt on Gordag's life. Their clan refused to assist Gordag; a wannabe usurper insulted Mozgosh and claimed that as a woman, she wasn't worth saving, so Gordag came alone, and was captured and killed.

The ruins contain two mutually exclusive ingredients that can be used to craft an antidote: seriweed, which will allow Mozgosh to recover painlessly, or xthari, which will put her through extreme pain. Gordag considers the latter preferable, but he's dead, so the decision falls to you. Locate the desired ingredient in the ruins, and interact with it to harvest it and craft the antidote. You may switch ingredients after harvesting the first.(Can you switch an unlimited number of times?)

Seriweed can be found on the northern wall of the large chamber near the entrance:

<Minuscule hairs cover the surface of its broad, green leaves.>
<Create an antidote from the Seriweed.>
<You slide bits of leaf into the phial and stopper it. As the leaves dissolve, the phial becomes warm to the touch.>
<Sample the antidote.>
<A quick draught from the phial numbs your tongue. After a few seconds, a warm, tingling sensation spreads through your limbs.>

Xthari can be found in the southeast corner of the same chamber, and in the corridor to the exit:

<A slick, greasy substance coats the petals.>
<Create an antidote from the Xthari.>
<You slide a petal into the phial and stopper it. As the petal dissolves, tiny bubbles foam to the liquid's surface.>
<Sample the antidote.>
<A small sip from the phial burns your lips and tongue. After a few seconds, a sickly sensation seizes your stomach.>

Once you've selected the ingredient you wish to use, go to Hissmir.

Using Seriweed[edit]

Interact with Mozgosh to use the Seriweed elixir on her, and then speak to her to complete the quest:

"I feel strong again, fully healed.
Where's my father? I must go to him."
He's dead. I found his journal and brought the cure.
"Dead? Then the guides told me the truth. Thank you for my strength and my life!
I'll visit Mauloch's fury upon our clan! They'll pay the blood price for abandoning my father and me."

Using Xthari[edit]

Interact with Mozgosh to use the Xthari elixir on her, and then speak to her to complete the quest:

"So weak, but still alive. My father. Where is he?
He's dead. I found his journal and brought the cure.
"Dead? I don't...the males of my clan were right. I'm weak, not worth saving. Still, the poison no longer burns in my veins."
"Thank you for your efforts. I'll stay here and rest. Perhaps some day I'll be strong enough to leave."

Quest Stages[edit]

Strength of the Father
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
The Orc's journal may explain why he was in the ruins.
Objective: Read Gordag's Journal
According to his journal, Gordag sought a cure for his daughter, Mozgosh. It describes two possible cures—Seriweed Elixir and Xthari Elixir. His Crystal Phial can hold only one elixir at a time. I must choose carefully.
Objective: Create an Antidote
I prepared a dose of Seriweed Elixir for Mozgosh, despite what her father wished. I won't know if it works until I give it to her in Hissmir.
Complete one: Use Seriweed Elixir on Mozgosh or Switch to Xthari Elixir

I prepared a dose of Xthari Elixir for Mozgosh, as her father wished for her. I won't know if it works until I give it to her in Hissmir.

Complete one: Use Xthari Elixir on Mozgosh or Switch to Seriweed Elixir
Objective Hint: Leave Atanaz Ruins
Objective Hint: Travel to Hissmir
☑Finishes quest (If Seriweed Elixir Used)

The Seriweed Elixir appears to have cured Mozgosh entirely. I should find out how she feels.

Objective: Talk to Mozgosh
☑Finishes quest (If Xthari Elixir Used)

While the Xthari Elixir woke Mozgosh from her coma, she appears severely weakened. I should find out how she feels.

Objective: Talk to Mozgosh