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Home Settlement Hissmir
Location Stormhold
Race Orc Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Mozgosh is an ill Orc found in the settlement of Hissmir. She is the daughter of an Orc chieftain, Gordag, and was poisoned during an attempt on his life. The two have traveled from their stronghold in Skyrim to Shadowfen in search of ingredients for an antidote. They have come alone, largely because another clan member, Gloorig, incited their clan to leave Mozgosh to her fate. She has a sister, who remained behind at the stronghold.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

During and after Strength of the Father, if the player heals her with seriweed:

"I feel strong again, fully healed.
Where's my father? I must go to him."
He's dead. I found his journal and brought the cure.
"Dead? Then the guides told the truth. Thank you for my strength and my life!
I'll visit Mauloch's fury upon our clan! They'll pay the blood price for abandoning my father and me."

After completing the quest along that branch:

"When I leave this place, I will need all my strength. I thank you for my life."
What will you do now?
"Return to my clan's stronghold. Depose Gloorig and exact the blood price for my father's death!
If they'd marched with him, he'd still be alive! My people would still have a worthy chief!"
Why didn't they march with him?
"Gloorig told them a woman was not worth the effort, no matter her strength.
According to my sister, Gloorig seized power when we left. She sent word he'd even taken my father's wives for his own! Coward. He dared only with my father gone!"
Who are you?
"Mozgosh, daughter of Gordag, whose blood is Mauloch's by honor and strength!
Through our shared blood, his strength is mine."
What brought you to Hissmir?
"An assassin attacked my father. I snapped his neck, but he grazed me with a poisoned dagger.
My father and I came alone to find a cure after the clan refused to march together."
Your father?
"Gordag, chief of the greatest Orc hold in Skyrim! Dead now, but with honor.
Now Gloorig rules the clan, a coward sitting in my father's seat."
Couldn't you challenge him?
"I plan to! Code be damned, I am stronger than that coward! I'll see him pay the blood price, or die while cutting his throat!
If no one else in the hold will challenge him, I must!"
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