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Help repair a broken Dwarven automaton.
Zone: Stros M'Kai
Quest Giver: Corpse
Location(s): Port Hunding, Stros M'Kai
Reward: Rulorn's Silken Garb
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 4381
Rulorn tries out his freshly assembled Dwarven Sphere
Rulorn in Port Hunding has offered a bounty for Dwarven parts.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Examine one of the corpses.
  2. Gather the parts marked on the map.
  3. Talk to Rulorn.
  4. Pull the lever.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Relic Hunting[edit]

There are four corpses, any of which can start the quest, each corpse has a nearby Dwarven part. One corpse is west of Saintsport Wayshrine and its associated part is in the wreck of a ship on the southerly tip of the main island. Another corpse is on a small island, southwest of The Spearhead and the part is near the body. The third corpse is south of Rash Merchant's Plummet and the part is near the body. The last corpse is southwest of Sandy Grotto Wayshrine and again the part is near the body. On interacting with the first corpse that you choose, a note talks about relics being somewhere in the desert with a bounty for them. When all four parts have been collected, return to Rulorn in Port Hunding. Talk to him and then give him the parts. Wait for his command and then pull the switch. Talk to him again and he will give you your reward.

Quest Stages[edit]

Sphere Assembly
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Latest start I should collect any Dwarven parts I see and return them to Rulorn in Port Hunding for a reward.
Objective: Collect Dwarven Parts: 0/4
Hidden Objective: Dwarven Part
I should find Rulorn. He may buy these parts from me.
Objective: Talk to Rulorn
Rulorn wants me to help him activate a Dwarven sphere that he repaired using the parts I gathered.
Objective: Activate the Rusty Sphere
Objective Hint: Wait Until Rulorn Gives the Word
Finishes quest☑ With the help of the parts I gathered, Rulorn was able to bring the Dwarven sphere to "life." He seems satisfied with the results.
Objective: Talk to Rulorn