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Spectral Victim
Home City Imperial City
Location Alessian Tombs, Imperial City Sewers
Race Imperial Gender Varies
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Spirit
A Spectral Victim

Spectral Victims are the ghosts of Imperial citizens who have been imprisoned by Secundinus the Despoiler. They are found in cages, wailing and trying to get out. When Secundinus is killed, the victims will rise up from the bone piles around him and run out.


"I must return to my love. Will she remember me?"
"Does my lover still wait for me?"
"Holy mother of Mara, I'm incredibly lonely!"
"All those years lost, gone forever."
"He'll be back. Run!"
"You did it! You freed us!"
"I'm free? Praise the Eight!"
"You killed the monster!"
"Can I go home now?"
"If only I had killed him!"
"How did I get here? Did I escape that madman?"
"Freed but still dead. This is ironic."
"I cannot be seen like this! Avert your eyes!"
"So many lost years."
"I'm free! I'm free!"
"My life in the shadows is over?"


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