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Book Information
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Collection Handbills, Posters, and Decrees
Found in the following locations:
Reynir the Destroyer
A warning regarding a powerful draugr buried in the crypts beneath Windhelm

Those who would brave the crypts beneath Windhelm, be warned.

Herein dwells the draugr remnants of the great warrior Reynir of Saarthal, who claimed to have survived the Night of Tears, and sailed to Mereth with the Five Hundred Companions on the ship commanded by Ylgar, son of Ysgramor.

The draugr retains some semblance of Reynir's intellect, but his humanity has been subsumed by the madness of undying. The creature that remains is no proud Nord. He is an undead abomination who delights in the suffering of others.

He knows only hate and vengeance. Do not disturb his slumber.