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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Head to Wayrest to inform High King Emeric of the theft from the Abbey.
Zone: Stormhaven
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Quest Giver: Abbot Durak at Pariah Abbey
Location(s): Wayrest, At-Tura Estate
Prerequisite Quest: A Prison of Sleep
Next Quest: The Signet Ring
Reward: Low Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Low XP
ID: 499
Gain entry to the at-Tura Estate
King Emeric believes Count Hosni has the Dream Shard stolen from Pariah Abbey. He wants me to ingratiate myself with the count in hopes of retrieving the shard.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Abbot Durak.
  2. Talk to High King Emeric in Wayrest.
  3. Talk to Count Hosni at-Tura at the At-Tura Estate.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Firstly speak to Abbot to find out what must be done about the missing Dream Shard:

"I don't look forward to informing the King about this but we must let him know as soon as possible.
He will not be pleased."
Why will the king be upset?
"King Emeric must be informed that without the Dream Shard, we won't be able to supply him with the dreamless potions that protect him from the Supernal Dreamers.
His Majesty might reward the one who brings him word of this. Would you do it?"
I'll give the king the news.

Leave Pariah Abbey and head southeast along the roads till you reach Wayrest. Head to the palace to talk to King Emeric inside, who is located in the throne-room.

"Ah! You've come from Pariah Abbey, haven't you?
Don't worry about giving me the bad news. I'm already expecting the worst."
The Dream Shard has been stolen by the Midnight Union.
"Really? I heard rumors of chaos at the Abbey, but I had hoped they weren't true.
The Midnight Union's never really been a problem, I mean sure, they engage in a little smuggling and gambling, but this … it just doesn't make sense."
What do you think we should do?
"Well. We need to go straight to the source. The midnight Union does nothing without the approval of Count Hosni at-Tura. I can't imagine him being behind this, but one never knows.
Hosni has a walled estate on the shore to the west of here."
How do I get in?
"Strangely enough, the man has apparently chosen this same time to have a betrothal celebration, and I happen to have an invitation I won't be using.
Go in my stead and talk to Hosni. Find out if he knows anything about the Dream Shard."

King Emeric asks to attend the betrothal party of Hosni at-Tura using his invitation to find out what Hosni knows about the Dream Shard. Hosni will be located in his estate which is to the west of Wayrest next to the coast. Follow the road west, past Farangel's Landing and Soulshriven Tower. Once at the gates, talk to the Mercenary standing guard.

"Count Hosni is in residence, but no one gets into the party without an invitation."
I have an invitation.
"Let me see. Ah, this is a platinum-level invite. The count says you get to come and go as you please.
That's more leeway than he usually gives his guests these days."
Where can I find Count Hosni?
He's in the manor with his betrothed, Lady Adima.
Tonight's festivities have already resulted in four deaths. Better hurry."

With that warning in mind, enter the Estate and walk past the nervous guests to the manor, which is the largest building in the estate where you will find Count Hosni, alongside Lady Adima.

"Well, an unfamiliar face. I'm certain I didn't invite you. What's your business here?"
Count Hosni. We haven't met, but from what I hear, you could use someone like me at your side.
"Is that so?
Hunh. We'll see. Tell you what: I've got a task that needs doing, but it might get ugly. Take care of it for me, and you're in."
Complete Quest

Once Hosni has been spoken to, the quest can be completed for a small amount of gold.

Quest Stages[edit]

Pursuing the Shard
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I've been asked to inform King Emeric that, due to the Midnight Union's attack on Pariah Abbey and theft of the Dream Shard, the Spirit Wardens will no longer be able to supply him with protective dreamless potions.
Objective: Talk to High King Emeric
King Emeric gave me an invitation to Count Hosni's betrothal celebration. I should take it to a guard to gain entry to the at-Tura estate.
Objective: Talk to a Gate Guard at At-Tura Estate
A gate guard granted me access to the estate. I should go inside and find Count Hosni at-Tura.
Objective: Enter the At-Tura Estate
☑Finishes quest The gate guard said Count Hosni is at his manor house with Lady Adima, his betrothed. I should talk to him, see if I can get close to the Dream Shard.
Objective: Talk to Count Hosni at-Tura