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Book Information
ID 4895
See Also Lore version
Collection Summerset Scrolls
Needed for Savage Truths
Found in the following locations:
Praise Be
A religious hymn honoring various Aedra

Note: A verse honoring Stendarr is missing from this book but is sung by NPCs in-game

(Music: deliberate and stately)

Praise we now Mara
O Goddess of Love
Bless us with children
Our mother above


Clap hands in praise
Exalt the Divines!
Clap hands and priase
Our ancestral lines!

Praise we now Xarxes
Who transcribes our story
Honor the scrivener
Archivist of glory


Praise we now Y'ffre
O first Ehlnofey
God of the forest
Earth Bones showed the way


Last praise Auri-El
Forefather of all
Formed us to be like him
Wise, noble, and tall