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Paraces Limax
Location In a cave outside Marbruk
Race Imperial Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Paraces Limax
The Portal to Fargrave

Paraces Limax is an Imperial who can be found in a cave outside the southern gate of Marbruk. He stands next to the portal to Fargrave.


He talks about gateway to Fargrave. [verification needed — are the greeting lines random or do they appear at certain times?]

"The planes of Oblivion are closed to you, traveler. Get on with you."
"The Celestial Palanquin is in alignment, traveler. Will you go to Fargrave?"
"The planes of Oblivion await, mortal. My portal can take you to them."
I want to go to Fargrave.
"Good, good. Now, let me prepare your way to the realms beyond Nirn."