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Home Settlement Bloodtoil Valley
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Mathragor is a Bosmer found in the village located in the Bloodtoil Valley. He is the father of Dalaneth, and his fellow denizens are among the last Bosmer worshipers of Z'en, being at odds with the Drublog Clan.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Payment In Kind: Try to prevent further bloodshed between Bosmer and Drublog.


"I'm not surprised you ask. Few worship Z'en these days, though his shrines once spanned the whole of the Valenwood.
He is the god of toil, and payment in kind. Fitting we make the Wood Orcs pay for their actions!"
Why aren't there more shrines to Z'en?
"The Knahaten flu decimated his faithful. They say Argonian Shadowscales infiltrated our worshippers and spread the flu, curse them!
We are the last of Z'en's followers. If we fall to the Drublog, none will be left to keep the old ways."
How did this conflict start?

In the Shrine of Z'en:

"Z'en answers my prayers! The Drublog will finally pay!"
"The Emissary of Z'en! My prayers are answered! She'll strike down the Drublog and end all of this!"

After speaking to the Emissary:

"Z'en would abandon me in my time of need? After all this, he gives me nothing?"
I can't let this bloodshed continue.
"They've slaughtered my family and laid waste to my home! They will answer for their crimes!
If Z'en won't help me, I will find another that will give me justice!"
The Drublog have suffered losses as well. It's up to you to end this.
"I will not! They must all pay. Do you hear me? They must pay with their lives!
I'll suffer no Drublog on these lands as long as I draw breath!"

If you chose to persuade him:

"You're right. You've been right about everything. These horrific events must pay forward to a better future.
If not for my daughter, then for all the daughters and sons of others like me."
What will you do now?
"First, I will find my daughter. Hold her one last time, and try to remember the lessons she taught me. Then... I must rebuild.
Perhaps I will find the concept of balance once again. If that is to be my burden, I carry it gladly."

After completing the quest:

"You've saved me. Saved me from myself. And in some way, you've saved my daughter too. I feel her love again, like a balm upon my heart.
There's nothing in this world that could repay you in kind. I will pray for you for the rest of my days."

"One must discard what makes the scales tip. This is the truth of Z'en. <<1>> no longer wished for balance. Thus, he was no longer a follower of Z'en.\n\nFarewell, mortal. Z'en has turned his back from this world. Until the scales tip once again."

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