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Location Road west of Haven
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Marilrin is a Bosmer found on the road located west of the port city of Haven.


As you near him and Serarbar, you overhear their conversation and you can help them resolve their conflict in a mini-quest, which does not award any rewards but counts towards the Peacemaker achievement.

Marilrin: "Don't lie, cat man! I saw you eat that flower! I can't let you harm this forest without penance! The Green Pact demands that you pay for your indiscretions!"
Serarbar: "But this Khajiit loves to eat flowers! You're insane! Put that axe away! I have done nothing wrong!"
Marilrin: "The plants and the trees are sacred to the Bosmer—all true Bosmer, at any rate. I demand retribution for the flower you slaughtered and devoured!"
Serarbar: "Someone help! You there! Please, talk some sense into that Elf! He's a lunatic!"

Talk to Marilrin and choose one of the options.

"This Khajiit thinks he can walk into this forest and kill and maim at his leisure. He may not follow the Green Pact, but I do, and I'll have him learn respect for the flowers and the trees before this day is done!"
Then teach him. What will you do?
"Bah! I'm not going to make you an accessory to murder or anything. Just going to give him a scare. Blasted cat folk. Watch this."
He might not be aware of your customs. This could be a misunderstanding.
"Bah! It's always a misunderstanding! Do you know how many buffoons stumble into this place to tear up flowers and kick the trees? Dammit! The fool isn't worth it. Wasn't going to hurt him, anyway. Just scare him a little."

You can ask him for further information before deciding the Khajiit's fate.

What's the Green Pact?
"What an inane question. The Bosmer of Valenwood hold all plantlife in the highest regard. We've made a Pact with Hircine not to harm them, and to use no wood or greenery in anything we create. It can be a difficult life."
That's why you're angry at this Khajiit?
"Yes, it makes it much harder to carry on when I see fools with this Khajiit's wanton disregard for green life. It disgusts me. And I'm going to teach him a lesson."
Then teach him. What will you do? (This last question has the same answer as above.)

If you let Serarbar get away with murder, the following scene happens:

Marilrin: "Sorry, cat. I let my anger get to me."
Serarbar: "I understand. One time my brother, under the influence of skooma, also attacked me. Luckily, he could not climb trees in that state. Though it was humorous to see him try."

If you talk to him again after this scene, he'll say, "This Khajiit is lucky you stayed my hand. When I'm blind with rage like I was, I have a tendency to start swinging my axe."

If you let Marilrin have some fun, the scene will be different:

Marilrin: "Now hear this, cat! I'll give you a running start, and then I'll collect your fool head!"
Serarbar: "By the Mane, you're a monster!" (Serarbar runs away)
Marilrin: "That'll show you! Ha! Did you see his face?"

Speaking to him here, he evidently had fun, saying: "Ha ha ha! Gave him a good scare didn't I? Maybe that'll make him think twice before tearing a flower from the ground. That felt good. Some people just have no class."


There is one achievement associated with this NPC:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Peacemaker.png Peacemaker 5 Help ease cultural tensions and reconcile the allies in Grahtwood.