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Ebonheart Pact Boatswain
Location Dockyards, Davon's Watch

Docks, Bleakrock Village
Dock, Dhalmora

Race Nord Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Boatswain

Liezl is a Nord boatswain who initially can be found at the docks in Davon's Watch. She is the one who fishes you out of the water after your escape from Coldharbour

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

A Beginning at Bleakrock[edit]

When you approach her for the first time in the Dockyards, she appears to recognize you:

"Back on your feet already?
You needn't offer me gold, I only did what anyone should. I helped someone in need. Unlike some people I could not point at …."
I heard you need help in Bleakrock
"We sure can, even from near-drowned folks like you. I've been back to Bleakrock a couple of times since plucking you from the sea by the scruff of your neck. Things aren't getting better there".
You saved me?
"It's nothing. Most folks I pull from the sea are already dead. But you've got decent gear. I bet you've seen battle. I told my boss Rana about you on my last trip, and she wants to meet you. Pay me back by helping her. Come with me to Bleakrock".
To Bleakrock, then (You will be transported to the island immediately.)

Once in the Bleakrock Village she urges you:

"Rana's waiting for you in the village. Go on. She doesn't bite, though she looks like she might."

The Missing of Bleakrock[edit]

After the quest, she will say:

"One good turn deserves another. What do you need?"

Navigator Services[edit]

If you want to use her services, you can tell her:

I need to arrange transport
"Are you, then? Tag along in my skiff if you'd like, though I suppose it depends where you want to go."
Where can you take me?
"I'm heading back to Davon's Watch, if you're keen on going"


"I'm sailing back to Bleakrock, if you're interested. It'll be a bumpy ride, let me warn you!"

Alternatively, if you can ask:

I'd like to go to Davon's Watch.
I'd like to go to Bal Foyen.

Both options will transport you to the respective destinations.


  • After you have arrived in Bal Foyen, Liezl will also appear at the dock outside Dhalmora in Bal Foyen, offering a ride back to Bleakrock Isle. However, you cannot use Liezl for travelling back to Bal Foyen.