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Home Settlement Northsalt Village
Location Northpoint
House Gendinora's House
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Gendinora is a sickly Bosmer found inside her house in Northsalt Village. Her brother Nedras joined the Bitterhand Bandits to pay for her medicine.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Before starting the quest, she will apologize.

"I'm sorry, I don't have time to talk. I'm not feeling very well, and I still have to earn enough gold for my dinner."

You will need to speak with her during the quest.

"Yes? Can I help you? Did my brother send you?"
Your brother is Nedras, right? You're Gendinora?
"Yes, yes, that's me! You must be another of my brother's friends! He's always looking out for me. Did he ... was he able to send any gold this time? I'm almost out of the balm I bought with that last purse. He's so generous and kind to me!"
I'm afraid I have bad news.
"Oh, no, please no. Is he all right? It's been so long since I heard from him, I've been so worried."
Nedras joined a gang of bandits, and died trying to rob someone.
"No! Nedras ... dead? Nedras always did what needed to be done. I was so sick ... Why didn't he tell me? He said he was doing odd jobs, some mercenary work. We could have found another way!"
In his journal, he said he was happy because he could provide for you.
"My brother died over a handful of gold in some fat merchant's purse. For some balm that might ... maybe make me more comfortable. This isn't happening. How could he let this happen?"
I'm sorry.
"I need time to deal with this. I can't believe I'll never see Nedras again.
Thank ... thank you for telling me the truth about him. Green keep you, stranger."
I'm sorry. But he sent a bag of coins along with me. I hope this will help. [0LeveledLeveled Gold]
"He ... he did? Oh Nedras! You do love me. Wherever you are, thank you. Thank you for thinking of your poor sister."
He cared about you a great deal.
"I can't believe I'll never see Nedras again ... but he was so kind to me.
And you! Thank you for telling me about my brother, and bringing me his gift. I'll never forget you."
Nedras joined a group of adventurers. You'll probably never see him again. [Lie.]
"What? Of all the inconsiderate, stupid .... Where has he gone? Tell me!"
He said he was going to ... Glenumbra.
"He left Rivenspire? He left me here, all alone? How could he do this? I thought he cared about me!"
I'm sorry.
"When I find Nedras, he's going to have some explaining to do!
Thank you for telling me. If you'll excuse me, I need to start planning how to track down my good-for-nothing brother!"
I'm sorry. But, he sent a bag of gold along with me. I hope this will help. [0LeveledLeveled Gold]
(Same as above)

If you told the truth, did not give her gold, and said never mind:

"I can't believe it. What Nedras did for me. He was always looking out for me ...."
I'm sorry.

If you told the truth, did not give her gold, and completed the quest:

"I've been thinking of Nedras a lot recently. I keep thinking I'll see him come through my door, hear his voice. But never again."

If you lied, did not give her gold, and said never mind:

"Nedras left me. I'd almost rather he were dead than hear he's run away and left me alone. I can't believe he's done this to me!"
I'm sorry.

If you lied, did not give her gold, and completed the quest:

"I've half a mind to go after Nedras. What in Tamriel possessed him to leave me like this?"

If you gave her gold and said never mind:

"My brother ... my Nedras. All this gold ...."
I'm sorry.

If you gave her gold and completed the quest:

"With all that gold, I'll be able to buy enough balm to cure me. I'll be well again! And have plenty left over for food, and rent, and ... oh, Nedras."