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ON-icon-achievement-Embrace the Shadow.png Embrace the Shadow
Type Shadows of the Hist Achievements
Points 10
Defeat Velidreth in Veteran Cradle of Shadows without using the Atronach's Light synergy.
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Embrace the Shadow is earned by not picking up the two spawned flesh atronachs' light (which you do by using the synergy that appears by standing over a flesh atronach corpse) before Velidreth sends you to the catacombs. I don't know why you'd want to do this, but it's your funeral.

Same strategy here as in Fear No Darkness. I hope you brought something that will help you with all the snares and the stamina loss from breaking free and sprinting. That light synergy helps to reveal active spike traps in the catacombs. With the light, they have a red glowing web-like effect over them. Without it, you can't tell harmful traps from ones you can step on. If you step on a bad one, you'll be stunned, and you'll have to break free before all the adds get you. This on top of the slow plopped on top of you by being in the dark without the synergy's light is a recipe for disaster. Make sure you know which doors lead back to Velidreth, and stay together. Heal each other. The Nightblade skill Refreshing Path is a good choice for this achievement. Not only does it heal you and any allies that run through your glowy red path, it also gives you a speed boost.

If you really, really have to, have one person on each side of the catacombs leave their buddy in the dark while they hightail it back to the main chamber. I wouldn't recommend this strategy, as Velidreth will try to stop you from resurrecting dead party members, but hey. If it works for you, then it works. Don't expect to receive Web Walker if you try to do it this way, though. Not dying in the catacombs is a crucial component for that achievement.

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