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Location Llanshara
Race Maormer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Dreadsails

Ellorien is a Maormer of the Dreadsails who can be found at Llanshara.

Related Quests[edit]

  • The Sea Runs Restless: A mysterious force is causing friend and foe alike to become extremely aroused at the abandoned druidic settlement of Llanshara.


If you find and speak with her before starting the quest:

"I wish they'd just leave us alone. For a bunch of pirates, they sure do love to control everything."

Quest-Related Events[edit]

When you arrive in Llanshara, you find that the people there are acting strangely. You soon find out that Ellorien and her partner Laniwys had been messing around near an old druidic relic which caused it to activate and effect everyone. Minahel had them locked up while the Sea Witches figured out how to fix it.

You and Umindior go to the beach to question the pair:

Umindior: "They should be somewhere around here."
Laniwys: "What's this? Here for a frolic?"
Umindior: "Ugh, no. I'm quite recently taken."
Ellorien: "Calm, my dear. These sweet strangers could help."

Speak with Ellorien to see what she knows:

"Oh, hello there. Aren't you a tasty looking treat. Please, ignore Laniwys. His jealousy won't interfere with you and I.
Give us the key over there and maybe all four of us could go somewhere private? We don't deserve this treatment anyway."
Tell me about the relic you found, then I'll help you.
"Ah. Heh. The sea witches found a druid shrine inside a buried cavern. They think it's dedicated to, hmm, passion.
The relic was inside. Laniwys and I heard that people felt warm and excited when they got close. It intrigued us."
What did you do?
"While everyone slept, we snuck in. Standing near the relic felt so incredible. We decided to have a little passion of our own.
After, we noticed the relic glowing. That's when Minahel stormed in and dragged us out. We just wanted to have some fun."
Where's the relic now?
"The sea witches threw us in here to punish us. So, as far as I know, the relic is still in the cavern. You can find it up on the cliffs.
But now that incredible feeling has spread to all the Dreadsails. I don't see why they're angry."
I'll get the key, then head to the druid cavern.

Umindior will then tell you to go ahead while he frees the pair. You can speak with Ellorien some more before leaving:

"The druid cave is up the cliffs, to the west. Perhaps when you finish whatever you're doing, we can meet up again. You could join Laniwys and I.
Watch for that tyrant Minahel. She doesn't want anyone to have fun."
Will you and your partner be safe when we free you? / Will you and Laniwys be safe when we free you?
"Well, sweetling, Dreadsails don't survive for long if they can't deal with some rough treatment now and again. But, Minahel had to ruin our fun. I want to go again.
Laniwys and I did nothing dangerous. Minahel can go rot in the sun."
Where will you two go?
"No point in me telling you that. I suspect you'll underestimate Minahel and get yourself captured. The less you can tell her, the better the chance my beloved and I can make it safely away from here."
Who are those sea witches you mentioned?
"Ugh. They're a bunch of sticks in the sand. Just some Elves who think they're above the rest of us because of their connection to the sea.
Minahel's the worst of them. So strict. We're the Dreadsails! No masters! Well, unless you want one."

You may hear Ellorien and Laniwys as you leave:

Laniwys: "Just because you free us, doesn't mean you can touch my Ellorien."
Ellorian: "Hush, Laniwys, they kept their word. And three could be fun."
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