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Location Llanshara
Race Maormer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Dreadsails

Laniwys is a Maormer of the Dreadsails who can be found at Llanshara.

Related Quests[edit]

  • The Sea Runs Restless: A mysterious force is causing friend and foe alike to become extremely aroused at the abandoned druidic settlement of Llanshara.


If you find and speak with him before starting the quest:

"You shouldn't be here, outsider. The other Dreadsails will gut you if they find you.
But since you'are here, why not stay awhile, gorgeous?"

Quest-Related Events[edit]

When you arrive in Llanshara, you find that the people there are acting strangely. You soon find out that Laniwys and his partner Ellorien had been messing around near an old druidic relic which caused it to activate and affect everyone. Minahel had them locked up while the Sea Witches figured out how to fix it.

You and Umindior go to the beach to question the pair:

Umindior: "They should be somewhere around here."
Laniwys: "What's this? Here for a frolic?"
Umindior: "Ugh, no. I'm quite recently taken."
Ellorien: "Calm, my dear. These sweet strangers could help."

You will need to speak with Ellorien for the information, but if you speak with Laniwys first:

"Tell your … extremely handsome friend that Ellorien is taken. Not that she'd be interested in the likes of him anyway.
There is something about him, though. And you're very gorgeous. Maybe you'd both like to stay awhile?"

Umindior will then tell you to go ahead while he frees the pair. You can speak with Laniwys before leaving:

"Ellorien and I just want a little fun. Spice things up a bit, eh? Minahel's just a closed shell.
Don't you get any ideas, though. She's all mine. I know just what she likes."

You may hear Ellorien and Laniwys as you leave:

Laniwys: "Just because you free us, doesn't mean you can touch my Ellorien."
Ellorian: "Hush, Laniwys, they kept their word. And three could be fun."
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