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Dres Ancestor Spirit
Location Library of Andule
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Dres
Condition Spirit
Dres Ancestor Spirit

The Dres Ancestor Spirit is a Dunmer ghost found in the Library of Andule.

Related Quests[edit]


"Halt! Only those who understand the value and thinking of House Dres may enter this vault of knowledge."
How do I show my understanding?
"House Dres holds to the ancient tradition of Daedra and ancestor worship, as well as to the cherished institution of what economic system?"
House Dres believes in a free market.
House Dres holds slavery to be their sacred right and duty. (Correct)
House Dres believes that goods and services should be distributed according to each citizen's needs.
"Why is House Dres crucial to Morrowind's survival?"
Because Dres protects Morrowind with its strong army.
Because Dres educates Morrowind with its pious clergy.
Because Dres feeds Morrowind with its agricultural might. (Correct)
"How does House Dres view the Dunmer role in Tamriel?"
Dres believes Dunmer should keep to themselves and focus on improving Morrowind. (Correct)
Dres believes Dunmer should conquer the other races and impose Dunmer culture on all.
Dres believes Dunmer should learn from other cultures and live in harmony with all.

If you answered all questions wrong:

"You do not understand the values or beliefs of House Dres. You may not enter this vault."

If you got at two or less answers incorrect:

"You answered one or more question incorrectly. You do not understand the values of House Dres and may not enter this vault."
Can I try again?

If you answered all questions right:

"You demonstrate a clear understanding of the values of House Dres. You may enter this vault."

When you speak to him again:

"You understand the meaning and purpose of House Dres. Enter our vault and be welcome."