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Home Settlement Morkul Stronghold
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Doranar is a Bosmer who can be found at Morkul Stronghold. Before his quest, he's near the Axe and Bridle. Later, he's in the House of Orsimer Glories.

Related Quests[edit]


Missing dialogue

Once items collected:

"What an undeniable aroma! Let's see ... bones... more bones ...a slightly different bone ... some sticky goop to hold it all together.
My friend, you have outdone yourself."
Do you really think this will work?
"Have faith! A sculpture begins as a block of stone. A masterful painting? Nothing but canvas on the board.
Time to assemble this for Preparator Noguza. Soon, all shall witness my glorious homage to Wrothgar's Ogres!"

Conversation between Doranar and Preparator Noguza:

Preparator Noguza: "What is... this...?"
Doranar: "Masterpiece? Delivered as promised!"
Noguza: "What is this mess?"
Doranar: "Mess? But... this is the authentic replication of Ogre artwork, as requested! The materials came straight from an orgre den!"
Noguza: "But the Bloody Curse, Doranar - It reeks!"
Doranar: "Ah, you understand!"
Noguza: "I understand the gorge rising in my throat."
Doranar: "It's... perhaps not my best work."


"My mentor said he could teach me nothing except that "art is a journey." each attempt an experience, regardless of the result, and that experience can often be art itself.
Let's just ... let's both agree that's what this is."
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