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ON-Icon-Transparent Logo.png This page contains deprecated information about Elder Scrolls Online content.
The content described here was removed from the game after Patch 3.2.5.

Disorient is a debilitating effect which briefly stuns a target. The stun ends as soon as the target takes damage. You can also get out by using the Break Free ability. It can be caused by a number of attacks, though the most common one is by interrupting a spell-caster in mid-cast, most easily with a Bash attack.


Skill Duration Affects Cost Notes
Agony (Siphoning) 30 sec. Single Target 3240 Magicka Deals damage when disorient ends
Rune Prison (Dark Magic) 15.1-16.6 sec. Single Target 2160 Magicka
Rune Cage (morph) 16.6-18.1 sec. Disorient only broken by direct damage
Defensive Rune (morph) 16.6 sec. Affects enemy that attacks you
Spear Shards (Aedric Spear) 6 sec. Single Target 3240 Magicka
Power Bash (One Hand and Shield) 3 sec. Single Target 3510 Stamina Also stuns target
Scatter Shot (Bow) 5 sec. Single Target 2970 Stamina Also knocks target back
Ferocious Roar (Werewolf) 3.5-4.3 sec. Up to 3 Targets 4163 Stamina Also applies Off Balance.
If target is killed, other nearby targets
also Disoriented and Off Balance.


  • The Ironclad ability from The Steed reduces the duration of Disorient effects on you by 1-24%.
  • The Robes of the Hist set reduces the duration of Disorient effects on you by 20%.
  • The Reactive Armor set reduces damage dealt to you by 30% when you are affected by Disorient effects.
  • All sources of Disorient were removed from the game in Patch 3.2.5.