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Location Hel Ra Citadel
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Damisi is a Dunmer found at the entrance of the Hel Ra Citadel. She came here with her business partner, Sallunas.


"need not-done-HRC greeting"
Did you come here with the Undaunted?
"What kind of question is that?
Do I look like I would enjoy running headfirst into a Welwa until I died? I'm a little mortified you would compare me to those fools."
What are you doing here?
"What I always do. Try to make money.
With the road to the Citadel open for the first time since the Yokudans built it, I was sure I could milk some profit off sightseers. Ancient Redguard architecture tends to be popular. But not much luck so far."
What do you know about Hel Ra Citadel?
"Scholars argue about it to this day. People couldn't just walk in up until recently, you know. I've heard, based on what we've seen of the fortifications, it was Nedic before the Yokudans captured and modified it.
I just want to make some coin."

If you've completed Hel Ra Citadel, her greeting will be different.

"The Tribunal protect you for clearing the mountain path.
I didn't think you had the heroic look about you, but clearly I was wrong."

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