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Location Hel Ra Citadel
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Sallunas is a Khajiit found at the entrance of the Hel Ra Citadel. He is here with Damisi, the Dunmer merchant.


"need to grab his greeting on a character who's never done HRC"
What are you doing here?
"Khajiit was roped into this by Damisi. Her nose for business is fierce and five-clawed. This one thought she would not lead us astray.
Unfortunately, all but the bravest fear to approach the Citadel now. Our wagon is in tatters, and so is our pride."
What do you know about Hel Ra Citadel?
"Honestly, this one doesn't know. Money interests him so much more.
The Redguard seem to truly enjoy coming here, though. Damisi thought we could make a fortune from them when the road ahead opened. Not today."
Are you with the Undaunted?
"This one?
No. Why would you even suggest that? This one has no intention of charging to his death. Ever."

After completing Hel Ra Citadel, his greeting will be different:

"You survived a raid into the Citadel? Tell this Khajiit, have you ever considered an exciting career as caravan guard?"

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