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Home Settlement Hissmir
Location Northwest Hissmir, on the outskirts of town
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Dakee-Goh is an Argonian found in the settlement of Hissmir. He is upset about the Dominion soldier undergoing the trials, and his concerns are being addressed by Azinar. He is crowded around the Root-Steward alongside Pegareem, Nowajeem and Supowateer.


Azinar: "Please, one at a time! I'm documenting your concerns and will pass them along."
Pegareem: "They mock our traditions!"
Nowajeem: "What are you going to do about that Dominion soldier?"
Dakee-Goh: "Get the Dominion scum out of here!"
Supowateer: "Pilgrims have gone missing since that Elf arrived!"
Azinar: "Please, I'm doing all I can to ensure your concerns are met."