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Dagrund the Bulky
Location March of Sacrifices
Race Nord Gender Male
Health Normal2020783Veteran3608999 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Varies
Other Information
Faction(s) Bearfang Clan
Condition Werebear
Dagrund the Bulky greeting you at the entrance to the realm
Dagrund as an undead thrall of Tarcyr

Dagrund the Bulky is a Nord who can be found in the March of Sacrifices. He is the leader of one of the groups competing in Hircine's Great Hunt and claims to be descended from werebears. Later on in the Whispwood, Tarcyr will kill him and his fellow hunters, raising him as an undead thrall.

Skills and Abilities[edit]

As a boss type enemy, Dagrund the Bulky is immune to all forms of crowd control effects. Throughout the fight the boss will swap between fire, frost and shock based attacks in that order.

Quick Strike
A basic melee attack that deals minor physical damage.
Ravaging Blow
A charged heavy melee attack that deals very high physical damage. This must be blocked by the tank or dodged if you are not.
The boss jumps in the air and lands dealing moderate physical damage as indicated by a red circle.
After landing, the boss releases tremors that will chase all group members dealing moderate damage as indicated by red circles. Roll dodge or block the tremors to reduce the damage done.
Summon Bearfang Hunter
When changing elements, the boss will summon two Bearfang Hunters to attack the group. Kill them first to simplify the fight.

Fire Phase[edit]

Getting hit by Quick Strike will deal minor flame damage over time.
Melting Point
The boss raises its sword and releases three flaming whirlwinds outwards dealing moderate flame damage over time as indicated by red circles. These AOEs will split up when they hit the wall of the arena so be aware of that.
Shocking Strike
The boss swings its sword in an arc dealing moderate flame damage in front of itself.

Frost Phase[edit]

Biting Cold
Getting hit by Quick Strike will deal minor frost damage over time.
Chilling Wind
Frost whirlwinds will roam the arena dealing moderate frost damage over time as indicated by red circles.
Chilling Pylons
The boss will summon icicles under the player's feet dealing moderate frost damage as indicated by red circles. Keep moving to avoid them.

Shock Phase[edit]

Deadly Current
Getting hit by Quick Strike will deal minor shock damage over time.
Concussive Clap
The boss causes lightning to strike all players, dealing unavoidable minor shock damage over time.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Dangrund can be first encountered at the entrance to the Bloodscent Pass along with the other competitors.

"Staking your claim to Lord Hircine's boon, huh? Good luck! You're going to need it with competition like us."
What makes your group so special?
"The blood of werebears runs through our veins.
You know, the cozies out there are always quick to associate Lord Hircine with werewolves. And they're fine and all, I suppose. But nothing beats a werebear's might!"
And what favor do you want to ask Hircine?
"Not sure yet. Winning the Great Hunt is sure to earn us eternal glory. Any prize we earn afterward is just icing on the sweetroll."

Dangrund can be encountered again in the Wispwood, where his group has been tracking Tarcyr and the area has become suspiciously foggy.

Dagrund the Bulky: "Troll's blood, it has to be here somewhere! Keep an eye out!"

<Dagrund is teleported away by Tarcyr.>

Bearfang Hunter: "Where did he go?"

<His corpse drops from the sky. and the rest of the hunters are teleported into the air as well.>

Bearfang Hunter: "By Kyne!"

<The hunters fall from a fatal height and die upon impact with the ground.>

Beginning combat

Dagrund the Bulky: "Don't you see? You're the Hare now, hunter!"
Dagrund the Bulky: "It's time for the hunt to truly begin!"
Dagrund the Bulky: "I feel its power coursing through me! I feel it calling for your deaths!"
Dagrund the Bulky: "You shall join us in our eternal hunt!"

Casting Decimate:

Dagrund the Bulky: "I'll strike you down!"
Dagrund the Bulky: "Feel a werebear's strength!"
Dagrund the Bulky: "Behold a werebear's might!"

Entering Flame Phase:

Dagrund the Bulky: "Fire and ash! I'll burn you all!"
Dagrund the Bulky: "Burn beneath the flames!"
Dagrund the Bulky: "Scorching heat! Smoldering flesh!"

Entering Frost Phase:

Dagrund the Bulky: "Freeze and perish!"
Dagrund the Bulky: "Feel winter's wrath!"
Dagrund the Bulky: "May glacial winds take you!"

Entering Shock Phase:

Dagrund the Bulky: "Face my storm's wrath!"
Dagrund the Bulky: "Lightning's might! Storm's fury!"
Dagrund the Bulky: "My storm will strike you down!"

Upon a Group Wipe:

Dagrund the Bulky: "It seems the Great Hunt has come to an end."
Dagrund the Bulky: "And so your hunt has ended."
Dagrund the Bulky: "This grove is now your grave."
Dagrund the Bulky: "Join us within the Hunting Grounds. Forever."


  • It's not clear during the fight but according to Hanu, Tarcyr killed Dagrund and the rest of the Bearfang and puppeteered their corpses.
  • Though he is a werebear, he is never seen to transform into one.
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