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Several mounts are available from the store.

Limited Time[edit]

Name Price In-game description Notes Date Removed


Name Price In-game description Notes Date Added / Removed
ON-icon-mount-Ancient Dragon Hunter Horse.png Ancient Dragon Hunter Horse 030003,000 Crowns As the Dragon threat spreads, the need for veteran Dragon Hunters increases. These gold-barded horses can help you reach your prey quickly.
ON-icon-mount-Brown Bear.png Cave Bear Mount 018001,800 Crowns Found throughout Tamriel's northern mountains, the Cave Bear makes a hardy and imposing mount. A large brown bear mount.
ON-icon-mount-Elder Dragon Hunter Horse.png Elder Dragon Hunter Horse 020002,000 Crowns With Dragons on the loose in Elsweyr, a modern cadre of Dragon Hunters have sprung up to hunt them down. Their mounts are sturdy and fearless.
ON-icon-mount-Hammerfell Camel.png Hammerfell Camel 018001,800 Crowns This is the stoic, hard-working beast that riders in the wastes of Hammerfell count on to survive. And if things come to a fight, it's just plain mean. A golden-colored camel.
ON-icon-mount-Highland Wolf.png Highland Wolf 018001,800 Crowns The brown Highland Wolf is common in the Colovian hills and in Cyrodiil's Great Forest, where wild packs are feared by farmers and shepherds. But foresters have domesticated the beasts and, bred for size, use them as mounts. A gray-brown wolf.
ON-icon-mount-Pride-King Lion.png Pride-King Lion 018001,800 Crowns The Pride-King Lions are the top predators on the savannahs of northern Elsweyr. No one but the Khajiiti, with their feline intuitions, could have persuaded these proud beasts to serve as mounts. Are you strong-willed enough to control one of these majestic beasts? A golden-colored male lion mount. 28 April 2016
ON-icon-mount-Tessellated Guar.png Tessellated Guar 013001,300 Crowns A sturdy, multi-purpose guar, at home anywhere from swamps to the ashlands. A spotted guar mount. 17 March 2015
ON-icon-mount-Ashen Fang Lair Courser.png Ashen Fang Lair Courser 03500Unavailable 3,500 Crowns Sometimes, when necromancers reanimate a creature, they overdo it and imbue the undead entity with an excess of dark conjuration. In the case of the Ashen Courser, this residue of mystical power manifests as a cloud of grave dust and ash.
ON-icon-mount-Banded Guar Charger.png Banded Guar Charger 01300Unavailable 1,300 Crowns A breed of guar bred for cavalry use, able to carry an armored warrior into battle. A striped guar mount.
ON-icon-mount-Black Senche-Lion.png Black Senche-Lion 02500Unavailable 2,500 Crowns The legendary preferred mount of Elsweyr's greatest thieves, the most famous Black Senche-Lion of all was Rajhin's mount Umbrage, which could both talk and, for brief periods, fly! A black senche mount.
ON-icon-mount-Black Senche-Panther.png Black Senche-Panther 02500Unavailable 2,500 Crowns A mount said to have been bred by Baandari Pedlars, for ease in leaving town after dark. A black senche mount. Available only during limited periods.
ON-icon-mount-Clouded Senche-Leopard.png Clouded Senche-Leopard 02500Unavailable 2,500 Crowns A strong yet nimble mount, bred for hunting in the Tenmar forest. A grey senche mount. Available only from August 13-17 2015, although it may be on sale again for similar limited periods in the future.
ON-icon-mount-Doom Wolf.png Doom Wolf 02500Unavailable 2,500 Crowns Bred for size and savagery from the fierce timber wolves of the southern Jerall Mountains, the Doom Wolf has been adopted as the mount of choice by the secretive and deadly Dark Brotherhood. A black wolf with glowing red eyes and a demonic howl.
ON-icon-mount-Fang Lair Courser.png Fang Lair Courser 03000Unavailable 3,000 Crowns In Fang Lair, not even ancient warriors' steeds are safe from reanimation by necromancers! Though to be fair, if you're looking for "grimly impressive," this is the mount for you. PC/Mac: 12 February 2018
Console: 27 February 2018
ON-icon-mount-Golden Eye Guar.png Golden Eye Guar 01300Unavailable 1,300 Crowns A crossbreed of banded and wild guar, as fearsome as it is intelligent and difficult to control. A striped yellow guar mount.
ON-icon-mount-Ice Wolf.png Ice Wolf Mount 02500Unavailable 2,500 Crowns The Ice Wolf of the far north can grow to tremendous size—which is probably why the Nords of Hjaalmarch decided to ride them. Domesticating giant Ice Wolves wasn't an easy task, but it's just the kind of challenge a Nord loves. A gray wolf.
ON-icon-mount-Karthwolf Charger.png Karthwolf Charger 02200Unavailable 2,200 Crowns In the valley of the Karth, the Reach clans have domesticated the fierce ice wolves, which they have bred for size and endurance to serve as mounts. A raiding party of Reach warriors riding Karthwolf Chargers is a fearsome sight indeed.
ON-icon-mount-Masked Bear.png Masked Bear 02500Unavailable 2,500 Crowns Both swift and strong, the Masked Bear of the Jerall Mountains is a popular mount along the high passes between Bruma and Falkreath. A black and white bear mount.
ON-icon-mount-Nightfall Sabre Cat.png Nightfall Sabre Cat 02500Unavailable 2,500 Crowns The Reachmen of the upper Karth valley, who train them as mounts, swear that the Nightfall variant is sacred to the Daedric Prince Nocturnal. A black sabre cat mount. Riding Skill does not affect this mount's appearance.
ON-icon-mount-Pale Velothi Guar.png Pale Velothi Guar 02500Unavailable 2,500 Crowns This stalwart mount comes from the ashlands downwind of the volcanoes of the Velothi Mountains, and is well adapted to surviving under the harshest of conditions. A pale-colored guar mount.
ON-icon-mount-Sabre Cat.png Sabre Cat 02500Unavailable 2,500 Crowns The Sabre Cats of northern Tamriel are possibly even more powerful than their southern Senche cousins. They are certainly more feral and difficult to train. That didn't stop the Nords of Falkreath from breaking and training them to serve as mounts! An armored grey sabre cat mount. This mount's armor is fixed, and unaffected by Riding Skill upgrades.
ON-icon-mount-Senche-Cougar.png Senche-Cougar 02500Unavailable 2,500 Crowns The cliffs and escarpments of east central Elsweyr are the home of the nimble and sure-footed Senche-Cougars, who prowl the rocks hunting goats and marmots. Inevitably, they've been domesticated by their feline cousins the Khajiit. A golden senche mount with blackened feet. Has an alternate saddle and visual upgrades to most other senche mounts.
ON-icon-mount-Senche-Leopard.png Senche-Leopard Mount 02500Unavailable 2,500 Crowns A mount bred for bearing an armed warrior while slinking through the steamy jungles of Pellitine. A spotted senche mount. Available only during limited periods.
ON-icon-mount-Senche-Lioness.png Senche-Lioness 01800Unavailable 1,800 Crowns These fierce and powerful mounts hail from the broad savannahs of Anequina. A golden yellow senche mount.
ON-icon-mount-Shadowghost Guar.png Shadowghost Guar 02000Unavailable 2,000 Crowns Blending in with the shifting gray ash clouds on the slopes of Red Mountain, the Shadowghost Guar are the only known nocturnal breed of the species, and thus are rarely seen, even by the native Dark Elves.
ON-icon-mount-Shadowghost Senche.png Shadowghost Senche 02000Unavailable 2,000 Crowns An oversized breed of black senche-panthers, the Shadowghost Senche is said by the Khajiit to be sacred—or rather unholy—to Namiira the Great Darkness, who sends them as mounts to bear away those who are doomed to die.
ON-icon-mount-Shadowghost Wolf.png Shadowghost Wolf 02000Unavailable 2,000 Crowns Unlike nearly all other wolves, the Shadowghost Wolf has no pack and lives a solitary life, haunting lonely moors and wastelands, appearing only at night and rarely then. Some doubt it is a real creature of the mortal plane at all.
ON-icon-mount-Skyfire Guar.png Skyfire Guar Mount 02500Unavailable 2,500 Crowns This colorful guar was once thought to be poisonous by many, but found to be relatively harmless by an adventuresome rider. Caution! Patience is needed to bring this obstinate mount to heed.


Name Price In-game description Notes Date Added / Removed
ON-icon-mount-White Mane Horse.png White Mane Horse 00900900 Crowns A rare, highly-sought cross between a midnight steed and a Skyrim ice-horse. A dark horse mount with a white mane. 17 March 2015
ON-icon-mount-Dapple Gray Palfrey.png Dapple Gray Palfrey 00900Unavailable 900 Crowns Elegant and intelligent, this breed of horse is a favorite among the nobles of Cyrodiil. A dappled horse mount.
ON-icon-mount-Gray Yokudan Charger.png Gray Yokudan Charger 00900Unavailable 900 Crowns These chargers are descended from the great gray war-horses of the Ra Gada. A gray horse mount.
ON-icon-mount-Palomino Horse.png Palomino Horse 00900Unavailable 900 Crowns Handsome, strong, and swift, the palomino is favored by couriers and sportsmen. A golden and white horse mount. Originally available in the PC/Mac Store.
ON-icon-mount-Piebald Destrier.png Piebald Destrier 00900Unavailable 900 Crowns Staunch and vigorous, this patterned war-horse is known for its courage and tenacity. A pied horse mount.
ON-icon-mount-Shadowghost Horse.png Shadowghost Horse 02000Unavailable 2,000 Crowns Shadowghost Horses are never bred, only found, and then only on misty nights when both moons are dark. Then they are summoned from behind by hooded Shadowghost Wranglers, roped and saddled and broken for riding by ordinary mortals.


Name Price In-game description Notes Date Added / Removed
ON-icon-mount-Auroran Warhorse.png Auroran Warhorse 030003,000 Crowns When one of Meridia's Auroran Knights manifests in Tamriel, and needs a mount, the knight has the ability to instantly summon a Daedric Warhorse from the Colored Rooms. Curiously, if the knight is banished to Oblivion, the mount sometimes stays behind. A white horse in full barding. (?)
ON-icon-mount-Nightmare Courser.png Nightmare Courser 025002,500 Crowns The origin of this horrific mount is obscure, but some see the hand of Mehrunes Dagon in it. A black horse mount with flaming orange eyes and nostrils, magma-like hooves, and smoke blowing out of its nose. 17 March 2015
ON-icon-mount-Alliance War Horse.png Alliance War Horse 02500Unavailable 2,500 Crowns Mounted knights are both powerful and prestigious, so it's no surprise the Three Alliances compete to breed the strongest and most majestic chargers for their armored cavalries. A horse in full heraldic barding featuring your alliance's colors. Appearance is specific to your character's alliance. PC/Mac: 5 October 2016
Console: 18 October 2016
ON-icon-mount-Auroran Warhorse.png Auroran Warhorse 030003,000 Crowns When one of Meridia's Auroran Knights manifests in Tamriel, and needs a mount, the knight has the ability to instantly summon a Daedric Warhorse from the Colored Rooms. Curiously, if the knight is banished to Oblivion, the mount sometimes stays behind. A white horse in full barding. (?)
ON-icon-mount-Black Bear.png Black Bear 02500Unavailable 2,500 Crowns The Black Bear is common across Cyrodiil, but is also seen north into High Rock and Skyrim, where it is considered a warrior's mount. A large black bear mount.
ON-icon-mount-Black Camel of Ill Omen.png Black Camel of Ill Omen 02500Unavailable 2,500 Crowns The Black Camel is haughty and majestic—but some riders consider them creatures of bad luck and misfortune. However, if you're a thief riding off into the night with your ill-gotten gains, you might see things differently. Bad luck for them, good luck for you! A black camel.
ON-icon-mount-Chroma-Blue Dwarven Spider.png Chroma-Blue Dwarven Spider 04000Unavailable 4,000 Crowns Rarest of all Dwarven Spider vamidiums are those powered by gems that emit a cold blue light, said to reflect the frigid stolen soul of the Dwemer engineer trapped within it.
ON-icon-mount-Dro-m'Athra Senche.png Dro-m'Athra Senche 04000Unavailable 4,000 Crowns The Senche-shaped dro-m'Athra are known to the Twilight Cantors as the sar-m'Athra, but everyone else just calls these eerie and uncanny mounts the Dro-m'Athra Senche. A black senche with glowing blue eyes and markings.
ON-icon-mount-Dwarven Spider.png Dwarven Spider Mount 03000Unavailable 3,000 Crowns Of all the Dwemer animunculi, the Dwarven Spider is perhaps the most familiar and iconic. This versatile construct comes in several variations, and it should come as no surprise that one of them is a vamidium, or mechanical mount. Clankin'!
ON-icon-mount-Frost Mare.png Frost Mare 03000Unavailable 3,000 Crowns With its icy gaze and steaming breath, the frigid Frost Mare seems carved from the very glaciers of Skyrim. A horse made of solid ice.
ON-icon-mount-Great Dark Stag.png Great Dark Stag 04000Unavailable 4,000 Crowns The Great Dark Stag is one of the five Aspects of Hircine, invoked as Uricanbeg, "whose hooves drum the Blood Summons." Riding Skill does not affect this mount's appearance.
ON-icon-mount-Great Elk.png Great Elk Mount 04500Unavailable 4,500 Crowns Though the Reachmen of Markarth say they were the first to successfully domestic the Great Elk of Skyrim and break them as mounts, the Nords of Haafingar deride this claim, saying it was really all their idea.
ON-icon-mount-Hearthfire Kagouti.png Hearthfire Kagouti 04000Unavailable 4,000 Crowns The Hearthfire Kagouti appears to be a sort of magical hybrid, a wizard's experimental melding of a carnivorous reptile and a flame atronach. The fact that they were first sighted in the Telvanni Grazelands lends this theory some credence.
ON-icon-mount-Hist Guar.png Hist Guar 01500Unavailable 1,500 Crowns In Black Marsh this mount is called Scales-Seem-Daubed-with-Hist-Sap, but the rest of Tamriel just calls it the Hist Guar. It is the only subspecies of guar known to enjoy music. A green guar with splotches of glowing Hist sap.
ON-icon-mount-Kagouti Fabricant.png Kagouti Fabricant 03000Unavailable 3,000 Crowns Wheeled constructs and fabricants do just fine in most regions of the Clockwork City, but for traversing rough synthetic terrain, Seht's Apostles prefer the tough and capable Kagouti Fabricant mount. PC/Mac: 23 October 2017
Console: 7 November 2017
ON-icon-mount-Kagouti.png Kagouti Mount 02500Unavailable 2,500 Crowns Domesticating the savage Kagouti to serve as a mount is a recent endeavor, and to be frank, more than a little experimental. Do you have what it takes to stay in the saddle on one of these fierce, bipedal reptiles? A kagouti.
ON-icon-mount-Masqued "Unicorn" Steed.png Masqued "Unicorn" Steed 02500Unavailable 2,500 Crowns Is that the famed and incredibly-rare creature of legend, the true Unicorn from Hircine's Oblivion realm of the Hunting Grounds? …Well, no, it's a horse with a horn attached to its forehead. But the effect—it's just so magical!
ON-icon-mount-Mind-Shriven Horse.png Mind Shriven Horse 02200Unavailable 2,200 Crowns With its equine psyche stolen by Daedric magic, the mind-shriven horse is a docile yet terrifying mount. A black Soul Shriven horse with wispy blue veins.
ON-icon-mount-Nix-Ox Fabricant Steed.png Nix-Ox Fabricant Steed 03500Unavailable 3,500 Crowns Programmed for obedience and fabricated for endurance, these synthetic Nix-Ox Steeds are the perfect mounts for ranging out from the Brass Fortress across the dangerous Radius.
ON-icon-mount-Snow Bear.png Snow Bear Mount 02500Unavailable 2,500 Crowns The Snow Bear makes a superior mount for northern climes, as it's undaunted by even the fiercest winter weather. A large white bear mount.
ON-icon-mount-True Ghost Horse.png True Ghost Horse 03000Unavailable 3,000 Crowns Not a spectre, not a zombie, not a horse of a spooky color—the True Ghost Horse is the actual shade of a deceased mount, returned from beyond the equine grave.
ON-icon-mount-White-Gold Imperial Courser.png White-Gold Imperial Courser 03500Unavailable 3,500 Crowns Created after years of extensive breeding, the White-Gold Imperial Courser is said to be the most beautiful horse in all of Tamriel. With its almost ethereal beauty, these horses are owned by only the wealthiest riders.
ON-icon-mount-Winter Garland Dapple Gray.png Winter Garland Dapple Gray 02500Unavailable 2,500 Crowns This festive horse is sure to spread holiday cheer! The proud owner of such a steed can be almost assured that they have the handsomest horse in town.
ON-icon-mount-Witch Knight Charger.png Witch Knight Charger 02500Unavailable 2,500 Crowns During their invasion of High Rock, the Reachmen were profoundly impressed by power and splendor of the Breton mounted knights, and decided to breed their own hardy northern steeds to the same size. They succeeded!
ON-icon-mount-Zombie Horse.png Zombie Horse 02500Unavailable 2,500 Crowns
012001,200 Crowns
Mannimarco's Order of the Black Worm must be responsible for the re-animated Zombie Horse, as it was first seen in Cyrodiil as a Worm Anchorite's mount. A necrotic black horse. Priced at 012001,200 Crowns during the 2016 Witches Festival.

Coming Soon[edit]

Name Price In-game description Notes Date Added