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Name Price In-game description Notes Date Added / Removed
ON-icon-mount-Dapple Gray Palfrey.png Dapple Gray Palfrey 00900Unavailable 900 Crowns Elegant and intelligent, this breed of horse is a favorite among the nobles of Cyrodiil. A dappled horse mount.
ON-icon-mount-Gray Yokudan Charger.png Gray Yokudan Charger 00900Unavailable 900 Crowns These chargers are descended from the great gray war-horses of the Ra Gada. A gray horse mount.
ON-icon-mount-Palomino Horse.png Palomino Horse 00900Unavailable 900 Crowns Handsome, strong, and swift, the palomino is favored by couriers and sportsmen. A golden and white horse mount. Originally available in the PC/Mac Store.
ON-icon-mount-Piebald Destrier.png Piebald Destrier 00900Unavailable 900 Crowns Staunch and vigorous, this patterned war-horse is known for its courage and tenacity. A pied horse mount.
ON-icon-mount-Shadowghost Horse.png Shadowghost Horse 02000Unavailable 2,000 Crowns Shadowghost Horses are never bred, only found, and then only on misty nights when both moons are dark. Then they are summoned from behind by hooded Shadowghost Wranglers, roped and saddled and broken for riding by ordinary mortals.
ON-icon-mount-White Mane Horse.png White Mane Horse 00900900 Crowns A rare, highly-sought cross between a midnight steed and a Skyrim ice-horse. A dark horse mount with a white mane. 17 March 2015