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Crazy Eye
Home Settlement Martyr's Crossing
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Baandari
Crazy Eye

Crazy Eye is a Baandari Khajiit found at Martyr's Crossing. She and the rest of her group decided to stay and help defend the camp from the invading Imperials, despite lack of payment forthcoming. Supplies are running low, so Crazy Eye is on the look out for potential help in the off-chance of getting a reward.

Related Quests[edit]


When she is first approached outside the camp, she will say "What do Jode and Jora send us now?".

Raiders at the Crossing[edit]

"What does Crazy Eye see here? Another shaveskin? Good! These Knights of Saint Pelin need all the help they can get!
Crazy Eye and the other Baandari have done all they can. Maybe it's your turn to help now?"
Why do the knights need help?
"Are living in a dog's den? Imperial skirmishers have been raiding this camp, stealing the knights' supplies!
This one and friends were just passing through, but the Baandari help when they can. Like Crazy Eye doesn't have anything better to do!"
I'm sure the knights appreciate your help.
"Pah! If the knights appreciated the Baandari, they'd fatten this one's purse!
Crazy Eye doesn't like to work for free! Do you? Or maybe since you're not Baandari, they'll pay you! If you want to help, see the Knight Commander Cheryline.
I'll talk to the Knight Commander then.

Crazy Eye can be then be asked follow-up questions.

"Tell the Knight Commander you want to help stop the Imperial raids.
Tell her Crazy Eye sent you too! Tell her this one deserves a little present, or several presents...several shiny presents."
The Imperials have raided more than once?
"Yes. Three times in recent days. Crazy Eye was only here for the last raid, but she saw them coming, even put an arrow between a few pairs of eyes.
They still managed to steal more supplies though, yes? Very tricky are these unclawed skeevers!"
Where did the Imperials come from?
"Probably from Bangkorai Garrison. That place has fallen, yes? Many knights were killed.
Crazy Eye is careful not to talk about it in the camp."
So the Baandari will help defend the camp?
"For the present. If things get too dirty though, Crazy Eye will save her own hide!
This one and other Baandari are not mercenaries; we're traders!"
And the knights aren't giving you any compensation?
"No! So unfair too! Crazy Eye's been guarding this gate for hours and hours when she could be back in her tent taking a cozy little nap.
You should tell the knight captain. Tell her to give us something!"
Why do the knights even have a camp here?
"Here at Martyr's Crossing? Important trade routes run through here between north and south Bangkorai, yes? And supply lines from Evermore to Bangkorai Garrison!
This one was told that the Knights of Saint Pelin have always guarded this place."

Once news of a new Imperial raid is heard, Crazy Eye can be found at the northeast gate, getting ready to fight them off with her new bow. She is happy she gets to show off her skills to you.

"Ah! If it isn't the five-clawed walker who saved our herbalists! Crazy Eye is very impressed!
Are you here to help me fight these dungy Imperial dogs?"
Yes. Knight Commander Cheryline said this would be the worst of it.
"The worst...or the best...depending on your perspective, walker.
It's your turn to be impressed now. Crazy Eye has her new bow! Together, this one and you will make Imperial pie! Are you ready?"
I'm ready whenever you are.
"Crazy Eye is always ready. Here they come. Ha!" (Starts waves of enemies)
Not yet.
"Be quick with your preparations then. Those soft-bellied shaveskins could be here any moment now, and you don't want to Crazy Eye to have all the fun, do you?"

During the attempted Imperial raid, Crazy Eye will occasionally shout out warnings such as the arrival of more enemies.

Crazy Eye: "Here they come! Don't worry Crazy Eye has your back!"
Crazy Eye: "Stand strong, walker! Crazy Eye sees more Imperials coming!"
"More coming! Come to Crazy Eye you dungy shaveskin!"
Crazy Eye: "Ha! They're turning back! Spotless fighting walker! Sharp claws!"

After fighting off the raid, she'll greet you with: "Sleek fighting, walker. You and Crazy Eye make a good team." Her dialogue does not change after this.