Online:Crafting Motif 63: Dremora Bows

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Collection Dremora Style
Crafting Style Dremora Style
Found in the following locations:

From Dremora Plunder Skull, Arena containers, available daily during Witches Festival.

Crafting Motifs 63: Dremora Bows
A description of Dremora style bows

When possible variations in physical appearance are unlimited, it is an act of supreme will and discipline to confine oneself to a uniform semblance. For we proud Dremora, who regard all other Daedra with well-earned disdain, self-expression is nothing but vulgar self-indulgence. Heed these regulations, kynfolk, and don't disgrace your clanmates with unauthorized variations—or it's the scathe-rings for you, and don't think otherwise.


The Coldharbour Dremora's bow is a composite weapon assembled from horn from various sources, including the prongs and spurs of our own honored dead. Quivers are adorned with motifs that evoke the Prince of Domination.