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Councilor Rayveth
Home City Balmora
Location The Randy Netch Inn
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Hlaalu
Councilor Rayveth

Councilor Rayveth is a Dunmer nobleman found in Balmora. He is encountered during the quest Like Blood From A Stone. You'll find him sitting in a private corner of The Randy Netch Inn, in a less than favorable mood.

Related Quests[edit]


Councilor Rayveth : "Malur Rethan … what a s'wit. I'm going to need a stiffer drink."
"You don't appear to be holding my drink, so I'm sure I have no interest in you. Off with you."
You mentioned Malur Rethan. You must be Councilman Rayveth.
"I am. Young Malur and I were talking about the sudden success of his mining enterprise—built on some irregularities that I'd prefer not to discuss. Not that it's any of your business.
Who are you? Why are you meddling in Hlaalu business?"
I doubt Malur gave you a true account. I found these orders on an assassin sent to kill me.
"My, my … this is damning. Dear Malur tried to hang this whole business around his brother's neck—and yours. A prudent, albeit sloppy affair.
House Hlaalu can ill afford such a scandal and I hate to be lied to. Kill Malur and I will reward you."
I won't make any promises. Why don't you want him taken alive?
"What would I do with him? Chain him to a post?
His life no longer serves the House's interests. I don't expect an outlander to understand, but this needs to be done. Honestly, I doubt he'll give you a choice in the matter."
Where can I find him?
"His city residence, I expect. Just across the river.
Do be quick about this. I'm anxious to be done with the brothers Rethan."
Did Malur give you the scroll?
"No. What scroll? Don't tell me there's more to this fetching disaster."
The scroll contains a formula that can turn people into false ebony stone.
"Does it now?
Listen carefully. Don't breathe a word of this to anyone else. If Malur has this formula on him, bring it to me. The reward will be significant. We cannot let this get out, and we cannot let it fall into the wrong hands."
What will House Hlaalu do about the mine?/All right. What will House Hlaalu do about this situation?
"By the Three, what a mess.
I'll put some of my oathmen on it—oathmen I can trust. If we can clear out the riffraff, it might be salvageable. If not, we'll simply collapse the thing. Better to bury it than let some fool stumble upon Malur's folly."
"You have your task. Complete it and you will have the favor of House Hlaalu. You are free to refuse if your stomach isn't in it, but I will expect your complete silence on this entire affair."

Return from Malur's home and he'll ask:

"Quietly now. Is it finished?"
Malur Rethan is dead.
"Well then, this unfortunate little tale comes to an end. I've already dispatched some of my best agents to clean up Rethan Manor. We'll tend to Malur's apartment and the mine next. Well done.
Now, what of this mysterious scroll?"
I have it here.
"Excellent. Best hand it over to me. Something so dangerous should not fall into the wrong hands. House Hlaalu can keep it safe, or destroy it if we deem it necessary.
This will earn you some favor with our House. I'll even double your pay."

You now have to make a choice...

Take it. <Hand over the scroll.>
"You've proven to be a reliable assistant. House Hlaalu values reliability. I would say it's been a pleasure, but this whole affair has left me with quite a headache. Still, I may call upon you again in the future.
Here. Double pay, as promised."
"Our business has concluded. The monetary reward is not all you have earned. Hlaalu will remember this. For now, however, it is best that we let things die down."


No one should have this. <Destroy the scroll.>
"You sniveling little s'wit. Do you know how valuable-? Nevemind. What's done is done. But don't expect any extra coin from me now. You'll have what was promised for killing Malur and not a drake more.

This had better buy your silence as well."

Post-Quest Dialogue: If you destroyed the scroll:

"There is nothing more for us to discuss. You curried our favor by helping us deal with Malur, and then squandered that when you destroyed the formula in some attempt at a righteous display.
I have no further use for you."