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Banish the wispmother that is corrupting Deep Graves.
Zone: Shadowfen
Objective: Deep Graves — Rid Deep Graves of its corrupting influence.
Quest Giver: Xijai-Teel
Location(s): Deep Graves
Prerequisite Quest: A Stranger Uninvited
Reward: Wispcutter
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
Vanquish the wispmother
To rid the area of her corrupting influence, Xijai-Teel and I cleansed the ancient vessel. We need it capture the wispmother in Deep Graves.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Xijai-Teel.
  2. Go to Valrendil's camp.
  3. Seal the wispmother inside the vessel.
  4. Return to Xijai-Teel.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

After completing A Stranger Uninvited, speaking to Xijai-Teel again will start this quest. She explains that you may need Valrendil's assistance to reach the wispmother, thought he would be unwilling to help you. She is sure that the wispmother will try to force Valrendil to fight for her, but she asks that you try not to hurt him.

Head to Valrendil's camp, south of Deep Graves' southern xanmeer. As you approach the door to his cave, he'll exit it and stand in front of the door, blocking your path. Speak to him. He says that his "wife" told him not to let you in. If you have Persuasive Will, you can encourage him to believe you. If not, he grudgingly allows you inside. If you persuaded him, he will survive the encounter ahead. If not, he will die.

Valrendil will enter the cave. Follow him, and you'll find that it no longer resembles an Altmer home; it's just an ordinary cave. When you reach its end, you'll find Valrendil, the wispmother, four passive trapped souls and two wisps will suddenly appear around him.

If you managed to convince Valrendil of the truth, then he'll react in shock and resist the wispmother's charms. If you failed to convince Valrendil of the truth before entering the cave, he'll react to the wispmother with devotion before being killed. Kill the wispmother, and her glowing remains will appear. Interact with it to trap the wispmother in the blessed vessel. Then, exit the cave.

If Valrendil is still alive, speak to him to complete the quest. He apologizes for endangering everyone, and hopes that he'll be allowed to stay. Otherwise, speak to Xijai-Teel to complete the quest. She is upset to hear that Valrendil has passed, but thanks you regardless.

Quest Stages[edit]

Broken Apart
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should return to Valrendil's camp and enter the wispmother's lair. The vessel's inherent power will prevent her illusions from affecting me.
Objective: Return to Valrendil's Camp
Valrendil confronted me outside the wispmother's lair, as Xijai-Teel said he might. Before I tangle with the wispmother, I need to talk him out of doing anything rash.
Objective: Convince Valrendil of the Wispmother's Treachery
I convinced Valrendil of the wispmother's illusions. Hopefully, he'll stay out of my way.
Objective: Defeat the Wispmother
Objective Hint: Before I can seal the wispmother, I must defeat her from within the cave.
I convinced Valrendil of the wispmother's illusions. Hopefully, he'll stay out of my way. [verification needed — check editor's note]
Objective: Seal the Wispmother's Remains in the Blessed Vessel
Finishes quest☑ The wispmother has been sealed away. Valrendil resisted her charms. I should tell Valrendil the wispmother is no longer plaguing the Deep Graves.
Objective: Talk to Valrendil Outside the Cave
(If Valrendil lives)
Finishes quest☑ The wispmother has been sealed away, though Valrendil fell to her charms. I should speak to Xijai-Teel, so she'll know the wispmother is no longer plaguing the Deep Graves.
Objective: Talk to Xijai-Teel
(If Valrendil died)
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