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Blademaster Qariar
Home City Northpoint
Race Redguard Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Dorell
Blademaster Qariar

Blademaster Qariar is a Redguard captain of the Northpoint City Guard, the Blademaster of House Dorell, and a loyal friend of Baron Alard Dorell.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest Related Events[edit]

The Liberation of Northpoint[edit]

While searching The Sloshing Tankard inn in Northpoint, you'll find you way to the top floor where you have a conversation with someone on the other side of the Attic Door:

"Be silent! We don't want them to hear us!"
It's all right. We're here to help.
"Whoever or whatever you may be, I advise you to go away and leave us alone. These people are under my protection, and I will not allow you to harm them."
Open the door and we can get you out of here.
"I believe we are perfectly safe up here, thank you all the same. Now go away. You have more than enough victims to suit your needs. I won't allow you to have any more."
Really, I'm not with Lleraya. I only want to help.
"That's just what I'd expect one of Lleraya's minions to say. Now leave us alone!"

Baron Alard Dorell will take over the negotiations revealing it was Blademaster Qariar you were conversing with:

Baron Alard Dorell: "You! In the attic! I am Alard, Baron of House Dorell, and I swear you will be safe in my hands!"
Blademaster Qariar: "It's good to see you're still alive, my old friend!"
Baron Alard Dorell: "And you as well. But tell me—is Ellic hiding up there?"
Blademaster Qariar: "I'm sorry to say, but no. I left him at your manor. He insisted that he wanted to stay."

Speak to the blademaster and he'll tell you:

"It's good to see Baron Alard again. He is like a brother to me. It's been weeks since we last saw each other.
I only wish this reunion was under better circumstances."
What happened here?
"When Lleraya sealed the city and began turning people into bloodfiends, I used my sword to cut a path to this inn and led as many as I could to safety.
I was forced to kill friends who turned into monsters, but I was able to save some of our people."
How many survivors are up there?
"Quite a few. And there are more hiding around the city. Protected by members of the Northpoint Guard. I gave the order myself as soon as I saw what Lleraya was doing.
I just wish Lord Ellic had been able to resist her as well."
What is Lleraya doing in Northpoint?
"It started innocently enough. She had Lord Ellic call a gathering at the square. Then she addressed the crowd, saying how the blessing of Montclair would soon be upon us. That we would join her. Love her.
Then people started turning all around us."
How did she make them turn into bloodfiends?
"A spell perhaps? I'm not really sure. She made some strange gestures and spoke a few arcane words. Then it was as if a wave of power flowed out of her. People immediately began turning into bloodfiends. But not everyone was affected by her blessing."
This needs to end. Where can I find Lleraya?
"Lady Lleraya has taken Dorell Manor as her own. But I have a key. Take it. Save as many of our people as you can.
And be aware that Lord Ellic is still with her. He was alive when I last saw him, but completely under Lleraya's influence."

After questioning Qariar.

"I'll stay here and keep guard over the survivors in my care. But I will also remain vigilant, ready to lend my blade as soon as Baron Alard needs it."

The Last of Them[edit]

After slaying Lady Lleraya and freeing Northpoint, Blademaster Qariar will still have work, dealing with the remaining bloodfiends and vampires. As you approach him near the stables, he can be overheard giving orders to a Northpoint Defender:

Blademaster Qariar: "Kill the creature. It deserves nothing but our blades."

You will see the defender kill a Montclair Immortal. You can then ask what he is doing and if you can help:

"Ah, it's good to see you again, friend. And what can I do for the hero of Northpoint?"
What's going on then?
"Most of Lady Lleraya's followers fell quickly after you defeated her. But a few of her toughest, most loyal vampires have hidden themselves away like vermin under a rock.
We've rooted out a few, but the work is dangerous and slow going."
Anything I can do to help?
"If you're willing to face a few more of these blood-suckers, I wouldn't turn you away.
We've tracked the vampires to three different locations. Can you deal with this problem for me?"
It would be my pleasure.

Speaking to him again:

"Get out there and find the last of them. Northpoint won't rest easy as long as a single one of Lleraya's vampires remains within its walls."

Once you have found and killed the vampires hiding in some of the houses around Northpoint, you can speak with Qariar near the graveyard.

"I know that look, friend. Is the task complete? Are Lleraya's remaining vampires destroyed?"
I located and destroyed the last of the vampires.
"Then we are once again in your debt, champion.
Here. Take this. As a token of our deep appreciation. Now Northpoint can rest easy. At least as far as this threat is concerned."

You will receive some gold for your work.

Speaking to him after the quest:

"I wouldn't mind having someone like you on my staff. You fight like a Daedra and have the courage of a dozen guards. If you ever want a real job, come back and see me."


  • Blademaster Qariar is voiced by Tim Russ.