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ON-icon-achievement-Behemoth Beleaguerer.png Behemoth Beleaguerer
Type Blackwood Achievements
Points 15
Defeat Oaxiltso after raising the challenge banner in Veteran Rockgrove.

Behemoth Beleaguerer is awarded for defeating Oaxiltso in Veteran Rockgrove after raising the challenge banner, making the battle more difficult by the following:

  • The enemies get generally stronger.
  • Oaxiltso's Savage Blitz (charge attack), when he's under 50% health, will be targeting two players, one after another.
  • Each Havocrel Annihilator at some point casts a skill [verification needed — Hot Spring?], which turns farthest cleansing pool into unusable pool of lava. Therefore, all four pools will be disabled by the end of the battle. These lava pools will also be erupting, targeting random players with small flame AoEs.