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Home City Markarth
Race Wood Elf Gender Male
Health 25,974
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Navigator

Bastheladir is a Wood Elf navigator who can be found at the entrance to Markarth. He can take you to any of the alliance capitals.


He talks about the Reach.

"Always heard the terrible reputation Reachfolk carry was a bunch of Nord codswallop. I see some of where that came from, sure.
Let's get out of here, yeah?"
"Looking to travel to more civilized country, no doubt. I can take you to any Alliance capital, quick as a wink. Reachfolk here can attest to my skills—even steered a few through a blizzard once!"
"Vampires descending upon the countryside seems as good a reason as any not to spend too much time in the Reach. Not that it's better anywhere else, am I right?"
Take me to Mournhold.
Take me to Wayrest.
Take me to Elden Root.