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Ayleid Knight
Location Loriasel
Race Ayleid Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Ayleid Knight

The Ayleid Knight is a ghostly Ayleid knight found in Loriasel. He has initially sworn loyalty to his liege, but was later forced into service for the Enchanter.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Vigil's End: Help an ancient Ayleid spirit find rest.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Vigil's End[edit]

The Ayleid Knight will initially whisper to you after you've found his skeletal remains, pierced by a strange glowing sword. He sounds concerned, sighing:

Ayleid Knight "My shield, lost … my blade, shattered! What bears a knight with missing means? Only despair …."

As you proceed to collect the sword shards and the shield, which you plan to return to the knight, he perceives your actions as stealing and accuses you accordingly:

Ayleid Knight "My sword and shield, in another's hands? A theft unparalleled! Honor demands satisfaction, in the name of my liege!"

When you find the Ayleid Knight's tomb, he appears to talk to you. It seems that he takes you for both a thief and a slave, as he ponders:

"A slave in such finery? Purloined, no doubt! Grovel suitably for your crimes and I may behead you apace."
"What madness! I, bereft of weapons and arms, and a slave dares speak? Be you a dream-spirit sent by the Enchanter to test my resolve?
Very well, foul wind. We away to my liege! I'll waver not from duty, despite the Enchanter's ploy!"
All right.

With these words, the knight takes off to find his liege: you have no choice but to follow him. Inside the liege lord's tomb, you will however find no liege lord, but the Enchanter. The Ayleid Knight is puzzled by the situation:

"What treachery? The Enchanter claims my liege lord's chambers! How could this …. By Meridia's light, I recollect it. The Enchanter decreed us slay our liege lord. We gave chase, our blades flickering like fading Varla stones, and …."
Why would you kill your liege lord?
"Though the Enchanter overthrew my liege lord with trickery, my oath binds me true. I must obey him as my new liege lord.
You awaken a truth long since dead. Leave me to my misery, slave."
Oath? What oath? / Tell me about your oath.
"I swore a sacred pact to bulwark my liege lord from every menace. Yet the Enchanter twisted our oath. When he commanded, a profane compulsion forced us against our liege lord.
I wept freely as I struck her down."
How did the Enchanter compel you?
"I don't profess to know the Enchanter's ways. But my oath compels me to protect the Phylactery above all. Of this, I doubt not."
[Persuade] You swore to protect your liege lord, not old pottery.
"Then why do the Enchanter and Phylactery seem one and the same to me? I cannot serve two masters. It goes against my oath!
Were you not beneath my station I'd embrace you, slave! You've revealed the falsity underpinning my oath."
Did you swear an oath to your liege lord, or the Enchanter?
"Such wisdom in a slave. My oath was to forever bear arms and armor in the name of my liege lord. Your plunderous ways freed me from mystification!
I swore to my liege lord, not the Enchanter! This travesty ends now."
You sound more like a slave than a knight.
"Still your tongue, lowborn! Think not to abscond with the Enchanter's phylactery, nor any other treasure within these walls! Or so my oath compels me to say."

As you've helped the Ayleid Knight to realize he is not bound by the oath to obey the Enchanter, he can banish the Enchanter and be free from his service. The knight is relieved but will need your help with one more thing:

"I sense the Enchanter banished, but only for a trice. He shall return to mete out a weighty punishment. I cannot destroy the phylactery, but I beseech you to do so. End the source of the Enchanter's hold upon us!"
What will happen when I destroy it?
"If Meridia favors me, Enchanter shall perish with the source of his power. Your thievery must be held account, but leniency is in order. Perhaps a finger of your choice? Slave, tell me true. Do I seem vigorous and lively? The world seems … indistinct."
No. You died centuries ago.
"Then you are no slave, and I am no longer a knight.
But I discharged my own oath in spirit, as in flesh. What knight can hope for such fortune? Meridia guide your hand true upon the Phylactery."
[Lie] Yes. You're hale and hearty, as a knight should be.
"Superlative. This haze must pass with the Enchanter. Then I shall locate a new liege lord whom to serve.
And for Phylactery's destruction, I bequeath amnesty for your inceptive theft and manumission from your service. Carry on!"

With your destruction of the Phylactery, the spirit of the knight can now finally rest.

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