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Aspirant Langley
Location Dufort Ruin
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Aspirant Langley

Aspirant Langley LeTarte is a Breton noble from Castle Navire. He is taking part in the Sapphire Tourney and can be encountered at near the Dufort Ruin in the Oldstone Woods with his second Berjo.

He can be later encountered within the castle as Sir Langley.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Tournament of the Heart[edit]

During the quest, you will assist Isobel Veloise with obtaining trophies for three of the Knightly Orders taking part in the tourney. The Order of the Iron Knot will require the aspirant to obtain the hilt of the sword, Redheart. After finding clues for its location in the castle library, you will head towards the Oldstone Woods, only to find Langley and Berjo already there. The path appears to be blocked by fallen trees, Berjo will be trying to move them and Langley will be rude:

Aspirant Langley: "Oh ho! Madam Veloise, you're too late. I'm here first. You cannot pass through."
Berjo: "Uh. I guess. What he said. Sorry Isobel."
Aspirant Langley: "Hurry up, will you lad? I'll need sustenance forthwith, and you don't have much time to make me a meal!"
Isobel Veloise: "Second, over here. Let's talk."

You can speak with Langley before heading away:

"You and Isobel should just run along. Leave the tourney trials to aspirants of stature.
Aspirants such as myself, of course."
You don't want to work with Isobel?
"Are you going to lecture me, Langley LeTarte, about knightly behavior? I think not!
I hold no grudges towards Isobel, but this is a competition, not a garden party. My second and I were here first."
Wouldn't it be faster to work together to clear the way?
"I would lose the advantage of having gotten here first. I see no reason to hinder my trial just because you think it would be nice of me to do so. Now run along, I've work to do.
Berjo, put some muscle behind that swing!"
Why are you blocking the path?
"Right now I should say those trees that are blocking the path!
I, Langley LeTarte, arrived here first. My faithful second shall aid me in removing the trees. Then we shall proceed into the woods. You two will just have to wait."
Once the road is cleared, we could all go in together.
"I was here first, I should note! Look at me! I am large. I am muscular and well-trained.
If Isobel and I were to come to blows, I'd likely trounce her. That would upset my lovely-bride-to-be, Lady Aurelia."
I don't think Aurelia wishes to be pushed into a marriage.
"Well that is a shame. But, the Knight Commander herself offered Aurelia's hand! She is honor bound to keep that promise.
I don't want to boast, but I will be an exceptional knight. With Lady Aurelia's connections, we would be…perfection."

Once you leave the area, you will occasionally hear Langley say things:

Aspirant Langley: "Shove off, then! This road is mine!"
Aspirant Langley: "Berjo! That trunk is not going to chop itself!"

Speaking to him after speaking to Isobel:

"You again? Begone, we're busy."

After you complete the trial, you will hear an annoyed Langley:

Aspirant Langley: "Ah! Careful there squire! Don't let the branches snap back! You've scratched my armor!"
Aspirant Langley: "That hilt must be around here somewhere! Get to work!"
Isobel Veloise: "I'm not sure it's chivalrous of me, but I hope that arse wastes the rest of the day looking for the hilt."

Once you have completed the three tasks, you can meet Aspirant Langley back at the tourney grounds. Speaking with him after Isobel is knighted:

"Well. I suppose luck was on your side today.
I must say though, you and Lady … Dame Isobel were a bit sly at the Oldstone Woods. Not sure I'd call sneaking around and finding another entrance knightly behavior."
"Winning the tourney is all well and good, but not strictly necessary for a well-trained and wealthy aspirant such as I.
Why, I do believe I might get a generous offer to join the Iron Knot within a few days."
[verification needed — see talk page]
"I'm starting to wonder if Isobel Veloise pulled a fast one, making out that Berjo was an excellent second.
He was rather lackadaisical. Likes books more than swords, or horses. Can you imagine?"
[verification needed — see talk page]
"Hadn't you better run off to the Knight Commander? She probably wants to lecture you both in private.
Imagine turning down the chance to be legally wedded to such a well-connected and wealthy heir. Hmph."
[verification needed — see talk page]

A Mother's Request[edit]

Sir Langley
Home Settlement Castle Navire
Location Knights' Barracks
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Sir Langley

Later on, you will encounter Langley again in Castle Navire, in the time that has passed, he has become a knight. During the related quest, he can be found sharpening his axe in the barracks.

Aurelia Jourvel has gone, you will need to find Nilsmon Booklover. Unfortunately, he has appeared to have left the castle. You can search the barracks for clues and you have the option of speaking with Langley.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't the triumphant tourney winner Isobel Veloise. And her second.
Have you come back to Castle Navire to flaunt your incredible luck?"
Have you seen Nilsmon recently?
"If he's not in the library writing verse to annoy fair maidens, he's usually toiling away in Commander Jourvel's offices.
Why, what has he done now?"
Nothing, we're just hoping he's seen Aurelia Jourvel recently.
"If anyone will know where the fair flower of Castle Navire currently sits upon her set-upon, it will be Nilsmon. Good luck with that, I suppose.
Meanwhile, I am readying for my first quest as a knight of the Iron Knot."
You joined a knightly order?
"Despite Dame Isobel's questionable behavior and dubious win during the Sapphire Tourney, the order of the Iron Knot was eager to see me join their ranks.
They know a true knight and valiant warrior when they see one."
All right. Thanks.

If you have already found enough clues for where Nilsmon went, Langley will instead say:

"Off to find that flatulent sop, Nilsmon? How that fellow got his position is a mystery to us all"

After speaking with Isobel and realizing you need to head to Gonfalen Bay:

"Unless you have word of a fair damsel to rescue or a fell beast slay, you need not waste my time.
I've got to tend to my weapons and strengthen my core. As any true knight would do!"
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