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Arentus Rian
Location Along the side of the road south of Sandswirl Manor, east of Shadow Dance Ruins
Race Imperial Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Arentus Rian

Arentus Rian is an Imperial who can be found during a random encounter along the side of the road throughout Northern Elsweyr. He is accompanied by Khishmina and Mulabus. Together, they are standing around their campfire.

Arentus left Riverhold after hearing the news of the Dragon scourge.


"Blast! I left the war and strife of Cyrodiil for the relative calm of Riverhold. But now Dragons? Dragons! Was I cursed as a child?"
Are Dragons why you left Riverhold?
"Isn't the answer obvious? I'm not going to wait around to become Dragon kibble.
This ragtag group has the right idea … stay far away from those monsters."

After The Battle for Riverhold, his dialogue will change:

"Did you hear? They killed a Dragon in Riverhold! A Dragon!"
Now that the Dragon is dead, are you going back to Riverhold?
"You're jesting, right? I'll wait a bit longer.
I hope Dragons are like lightning and never strike the same place twice, but I also hoped that Riverhold would be safer than Cyrodiil. Look how that turned out."