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Annyce Favraud
Home Settlement Farmer's Nook
Location The Happy Crow, Rellesel Retreat, Annyce Favraud's Dream
House Maelle Favraud's House
Race Breton Gender Female
Health 133,844
Reaction Friendly
Annyce Favraud

Annyce Favraud is a Breton who can be found in Farmer's Nook. She is Maelle Favraud's daughter.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

After some investigation of the village, you will learn from Maelle Favraud that her daughter Annyce has gone missing. Your search will lead you to Annyce's play fort and some Ayleid ruins where it appears the girl took part in a ritual. Alchemy will ask you to return to Farmer's Nook while she studies the ruins some more. As you approach the Happy Crow, you will witness Annyce walking up to the inn to the shock of Heseph Perrick and Bradon Davaux:

Bradon Davaux: "Annyce? Everything all right?"
Heseph Perrick: You—your mother's looked all over for you. Where've you been?"
Annyce Favraud: "Ugh, I ran away again. All right? Just be glad I came back at all."
<Annyce walks past them and enters the inn, Heseph and Bradon follow.>

Following them inside, you will find Annyce sitting at one of the tables. If you watch her face, her expression will rapidly change from emotion to emotion, which is disconcerting. You can then question Annyce about her whereabouts when she was missing:

"What's the big deal? This is the seventh time I tried running away in three years. Why are they all gawping at me like they're afraid to blink?"
You're not the first person to disappear recently.
"Do I—no, I don't know you. Why do you care? And none of those people disappeared, they went after their dreams. I'm not the only one who has those you know? Nobody wants to be stuck in Farmer's Nook for their whole life."
But they all came back. Like you.
"They just didn't want anyone to miss them. It's why I'm here now. I didn't want the last time my mom saw me to be after another fight.
But they have to let us go sometime."
You make it sound like they're dead.
"What? No—no! It's not like they're buried in a crypt or anything! I'm just trying to say I'm not the only one who felt trapped here.
I don't know why I'm telling you all this. I don't even know you!"

With that the conversation ends, Alchemy will then arrive with news of what she learnt at the shrine ruins. The place was dedicated to Hermaeus Mora, and the ritual performed there likely pertains to him. Alchemy then reveals the location of another Ayleid ruin to the northwest along the coast and suggests you both search there. You also have the option of talking to Maelle about Annyce before leaving.

If you speak with Annyce then, she will just dismiss you:

"Look, just leave me alone. I'm going to get enough of an earful from my mom about this."

After completing the literary-based challenge to break the wards on Rellesel Retreat, you will find the real Annyce asleep inside, along with the other missing people. When you attempt to wake her up the first time, she mumbles:

Annyce Favraud: "Dare ye cross sabers with Red Annyce? Ha!"
Annyce as a pirate inside her dream

Alchemy will send you inside Annyce Favraud's Dream to wake her up. You'll find yourself in a scene from the Saga of Captain Wereshark, where Annyce is a pirate known as Red Annyce, the Crimson Shrike. Wereshark's crew tells you Annyce chased after Prince Vaugr. You'll find her in a cabin below deck on Prince Vaugr's vessel, looting his corpse.

"f you came to help, you have my thanks—but it's not needed. Looks like Prince Vaugr is going down with his ship.
Not that the ship is going down, I mean. It just—you know what I mean."
This is a dream, Annyce. You need to wake up.
"What did you—no, no, no! I'm Red Annyce, the Crimson Shrike, and I'll skewer any swab who says otherwise!"
Trust me. None of this is real.
"Stow it, sailor. With Prince Vaugr dead, we need to find his treasure. Check his cabin, while I search the rest of the hold.
This adventure isn't done until we've secured that treasure. Savvy?"
I guess I'll look for Prince Vaugr's treasure.

If you speak to her again, she says:

"Well, what are you waiting for? Find that treasure!"

Once you find the treasure, Annyce will enter the room. Speak to her.

"Prince Vaugr's treasure was a book? Didn't know old dead eyes could read!
Well, let's get it back to Captain Wereshark. Maybe it'll help break the curse!"
You should look at this book, Annyce.
"Red Annyce to you, swabby …! This book—this is—this is about Captain Wereshark. And Flicka, and the others … I don't understand.
This … this is all a story. But where am I? Why aren't I in the book?"
We found you dreaming in an Ayleid ruin. You're under a spell. I entered your dream to wake you.
"I … I remember it now. I remember it all.
Dammit, Cres! You said I could finally escape, and no one would come for me! They wouldn't even know I was gone! That was the deal!"
Deal? Did you ask for this?
"Cres said that they would make it so I could finally live out my dreams. I could have this life, and they would take my place. I'd finally be free of Farmer's Nook and my mom wouldn't ever need to worry about my life of piracy."
That's not fair to her. You'd both be living a lie.
"I know! It was too perfect. I knew it was too perfect. Dreams don't last. That's why they're dreams.
Just a few more moments. It was just getting good."
Five more minutes.

You can ask her a question before heading through the portal back to the real world.

"I just want to celebrate victory with the Captain once before this is all over. Maybe steal a kiss before I go."
You mentioned Cres was behind this. Who is that?
"I—please, I can tell you about Cres when we're back in the ruin. Just leave me with the dream a little longer."

When you wake up, you can tell Alchemy what happened and she will then proceed to break the sleep enchantment: Alchemy will then proceed to break the spell on the dreamers:

Alchemy: "Here we go. Pray that a rude awakening is the worst they have to suffer."
<Magic gathers in her hands.>
Alchemy: "It's ready. Wake Annyce, and the curse will break."
<Waking up Annyce, there will be a flash of light and everyone will be awake and unhappy.>
Annyce Favraud: "Farewell, Captain …."
Cylle Perrick: "No! He promised!"
Igmund Davaux: "My gold!"
Bugtail: "My sweetrolls!"

With them all awake, you can then question Annyce about Cres:

"All right, so we're awake. Dreams shattered. A life of brooms and boredom ahead. Happy now?"
I need to know about Cres.
"Cres is … different. They looked like Bugtail when they approached me, but his clothes were covered in ink and he seemed unwell. He … they confessed that they weren't who they appeared to be, but they needed my help."
You didn't find that suspicious?
"Cres didn't look suspicious to me. Just sad. Vulnerable. They said they screwed up again. That they couldn't be who they were trying to be.
Cres knew I didn't want to stay in Farmer's Nook, so they offered to take my place."
Do you know why Cres wanted to trade places?
"I think they were running away too. From a life they didn't want to go back to. You know how many times I tried to do that? But I could never just leave my mom behind. Alone. I thought we'd all be happy this way."
You think your mother would be happy with a substitute?

Maelle answers to the negative as she walks down the stairs:

Maelle Favraud: "She would not."
Annyce Favraud: "Mother?"
<Annyce walks up to Maelle.>
Annyce Favraud: "I'm sorry."
Maelle Favraud: "If you wanted to be rid of me so bad, you could have sent a fake who did her chores."

Talking to Annyce before Maelle:

"It was nice, you know? But I'm sorry this caused so much trouble."

When you speak with Maelle, she explains she left the imposter at the inn with the others watching them. Speaking with Annyce before you leave:

"I missed her. Even in the dream. It was easy to get lost in the adventure at first, but I think it would have been harder and harder to ignore feeling homesick. Knowing I couldn't go back."

You can then chase down Cres and after learning their story, decide what to do with them.


After deciding what to do with Cres and completing the quest, you can find her and her mother in front of their house. Annyce is feeding the pigs.

"You came back? I never did thank you. For … saving me, I guess. I'm glad you did. Mom is finally starting to listen to me. She's even agreed to teach me some real things about sailing. Isn't that great?"
Sounds like you are finally getting along.
"Yeah. Yeah, we finally do. I like it.
Maybe I'll make her my first mate when I finally have my own ship!"


  • She does not appear in the game until the related quest has started.
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