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Greetings are said by NPCs without prerequisites and are generally directed at you. They can be said when you pass by an NPC or when you prompt them to speak. NPCs who do not have unique conversations will often say generic greetings instead.

Some general greetings are said with a neutral voice. More peppy or enthusiastic lines end with an exclamation point.

Melancholy / Troubled
"It's you!"
"Hail and well met."
"It's you! Well, well!"
"This should be fun!"
"Weren't you just here?"
"Good to see you."
"Hello there."
"What's this I see?"
"A familiar face."
"Still among the living, I see!"
"Still among the living, I see."
"Nice to see you again!"
"Nice to see you again."
"You have business here?"
"It's been awhile!"
"What do you need?"
"It's been awhile."
"Hello there."
"Why, look who it is!"
"You're back!"
"You look well!"
"Don't look away."
"Hey! Feeling generous?"
"A coin for a soul in need?"
"Aid for a poor wretch?"
"Please! I was once like you!"
"I'm desperate..."
"Help out a poor soul?"
"Have mercy..."
"Spare a coin for the needy?"
"I'm down on my me out?"
"Please, I need to buy food."
"Charity, I beg of!"
"I haven't eaten in so long..."
"I wasn't always a beggar..."
"Help me! I'm desperate..."
"Won't you take pity on me?"
"Lend a helping hand?"
"Spare a coin?"
"All is not well."
"There's trouble afoot."
"I'm filled with dread!"
"Must I suffer so?"
"I erect the spine of fear!"
"Hurry, now."
"I've never known such fear..."
"Are you immune to fear?"
"Fear grips my heart."
"Divines, save me."
"I've never know fear like this."
"I'm...I'm really scared."
"Aren't you afraid?"
"You won't hurt me, will you?"
"No one knows my pain."
"Why must I suffer?"
"Why go on?"
"I've lost everything..."
"I don't know if I can go on."
"Hope is a joke."
"I've lost hope..."
"This is just awful."
"What will become of me?"
"I could eat a rat."
"I'm fading..."
"This is...unbearable."
"Please, will you help me?"
"Losing my strength..."
"I...can't stop shaking."
"There were...too many of them!"
"Need help over here!"
"Just a minute..."
"The pain..."
"I need aid! Please!"
"I don't feel so well..."
"Wait, please..."
"This is going to heal, right?"
Could you lend a hand?[verification needed]
I need help![verification needed]
I can't feel my legs.[verification needed]
I've not improved...[verification needed]
"How can anything hurt so badly?"
Does nobody care?[verification needed]
If only somebody would come...[verification needed]
I...I can't move.[verification needed]
"My burns!"
"The injustice of it all..."
"Release me!"
"My captivity is undeserved."
"Let me go!"
"Will no one help me?"
"Why won't anybody believe me?"
"You can't keep me like this!"
"Will no one believe my story?"
"Let me out!"
"They've got no proof!"
"This is all a horrible mistake!"
"Please...somebody...come to my aid!"
"Someone's going to be sorry."
Hungover / Angry
"I've been at my post for so long, I can barely stand."
"Keep your voice down. I had too much to drink last night."
"I'm... burning up."
"You should move on before I lose my patience."
"My rage consumes me!"
"You do not want to cross me."
"What's this?"
"I've had it, I tell you!"
"You going to test my patience too?"
"On top of it *you* are."
"Don't trifle with me."
"Let's keep it short, shall we?"
"You're going to bother me *now*?"
"What is it?"
"You'd better not be bringing more trouble."
"Must you bother me?"
"You'd better be worth my time."
"I must warn you, I'm in a foul mood."
"This isn't a good time..."
"Sometimes I just wish for peace...ha ha ha! Just kidding!"
"What's with the horns on the helmets?"
"Good thing there's no Dragons around."
"We should drink to... something."
"I dare you to say that again"
"Care to join me?"
"Do you think me beautiful?"
"I have an axe that's bigger than you."
"And then he said I was drunk. Drunk!"
"I hope you've got deep, loose pockets!"
"I need another drink like I need a head in the hole."
"I can't promise I'll remember any of this."
"This might just be the drink talking, but...<hic>" (Dunmer female)
"Praise the Three for sujamma, eh?"
"This one will have two jugs of Sparkle Syrup." (Khajiit)
"That one's as dumb as a post!"
"I've had just about enough to render you handsome." (Argonian female)
"Doesn't anybody wanna hear my funny story?" (Argonian/Nord male)
"Some drink to forget. I drink to remember!"
"I'm not crying, I've got something in both my eyes!" (Nord male)
"You know...uh...nevermind." (Nord male)
"What're we drinking to?"
"The more I drink, the funnier I get, right?"
"They should really make the mugs bigger." (Nord male)
"More drink over here!"
"I'll take one if you're buying."
"Do my eyes look red to you?" (Dunmer male)
"Come! Imbibe!" (Altmer male)
"Get yourself a drink... and one for me!"
"You'll listen to me... right?"
"You know... uh..."
"Oh you'll know when I've had enough!"
"I've got mine... where'sh yours?"
"Had a few while you were gone."
"Have we met? I don't remember."
"We've met...right?"
"A toast, to... drinking!" (Dunmer male)
"Try saying that ten times fast...or even two times slow."
"You're always in the way, aren't you?"
"Just in time! My glass is empty."
"Started without you. Sorry."
"Hey! Have one with me."
"Speak...very...slowly." (Argonian)
"Do you find me attractive?"
"You're not cutting me off... are you?"
"This is the life, isn't it?"
"You should buy me a drink, I think." (Breton female)
"Does this armor make me look fat?" (Dunmer male)
"Just when I needed some company!" (Argonian)
"Here's the thing, I... I forget the thing." (Argonian)
"I've got mud caked places where mud should not be." (Argonian)
"I erect the spine of... inebriation!" (Argonian)
"This is the life, eh?"
"What're you looking at?"
"I can't possibly be drunk! I've only had...uh...oh."
"I am impaired! ...Most pleasantly." (Argonian)
"I forgot what I'm drinking to."
"Buy me a drink?"
"So, I know you, right?"
"You look a typical tavern rat."
"Just one more mug..."
"I know you from somewhere..."
"Is it true what they say about the size of a Nord's...ego?"
"Ha ha ha! Wait...I don't get it."
" smell like an Orc."
"I lost it somewhere...along with my dignity, ha ha!"
"How did I get here...and where am I?"
"Has anybody seen my husband?"
"What are you looking at?"
"I've never felt... so happy."
"Not if you were the last Orc in Tamriel."
"Oh, so now *I'm* the drunken fool."
"You don't impress me. *I* impress me!"
"One more, and you'll be good looking."
"Just one more... and another after that!"
"Am I drunk... or is it me?"
"Stop weaving!"
"Hail and well met!" (slurred)
"Stand back and lemme show you how it's done."'
"I don't like to talk... I like to drink!"
"Is this on straight?"
"I need... I need another glass."
"I'll have what I'm having."
"Hey, grab a drink!"
"It's not a rumor!"
"And we couldn't... stop... laughing!"
"I laughed so hard all the ale came out!"
"Too much? I haven't had enough."
"Did you bring more wine?"
"Who wants to see how hard I can punch?"
"I... love... everybody."
"The ale is thin, but at least there's plenty!"
"Shor... have I got a story!"
"You look like I could use a drink."
"The world grows dark..."
"Drunk! On this kwama water?"
"Hail! Wait, do I know you?"
"they should really make the mugs bigger."
"I don't know you... do I know you?"
"You... need a drink."
"Have you heard the one about the horker?"
"I can still remember... I'd better have another."
"Do my eyes look red to you?"
"Ugh... such agony."
"Just when I needed some company!"
"Oho, lookie here!"
"My eyes aren't in my bosom."
"I don't... feel so good."
"Have you... heard the one about... the spriggan?"
"Hey there. Welcome."
"Shhh! I've got a secret... I'm drunk."
"Here's the thing... I forgot the thing."
"Did you drink my drink?"
"Now, who's got a drink? You?"
"Come, have a drink with me."
"You know this mead? I hate this mead."
"And you are...?"
"Have some water. Sit down before you fall down."
"Bring this one another goblet."
"Ugh, a woman could die of thirst before someone offered her a drink around here."
"Salut! Salu- hello."
"Greetings to you both!"
"You take that back!"
"This is taking longer than I'd planned."
"I'll be at this a while."
"I need a break."
"Work, work, work..."
"I'll be at this again tomorrow."
"This is taking longer than I thought."
"Nothing to do but keep at it."
"Seems this is all I ever do."
"I'm never going to be finished."
"I've got a lot to do here."
"Too much to do, and too little time!"
"Why am I cursed with such a task?"
"I'd better keep at it."
"I've had just about enough of this."
"I must finish this."
"At least I'm getting something done."
"I'm rather busy right now."
"I could have a break."
"So much to do."
"I wish I could be off adventuring."
"This is never going to end, is it?"
"There's no end in sight."
"What is the point of this?"
"Why do *I* have to do this?"
"Good thing I never complain."
"Doesn't seem like I'm getting much done here."
"I suppose I could use another break."
"I must finish this."
"Quickly now..."
"A little help here would be nice."
"Again. And again. And again."
"At least I'm getting something done."
"So much to do, so little time."
"I'd rather be cracking heads."
"I can't seem to get ahead here."
"This is taking forever."
"This work never ends."
"I'll be at this until I drop."
"Hah, another distraction."
"Argh, I could use a break."

Merchants will hawk their wares.

"Quality and variety! Come see for yourself!"
"Buying or selling?"
"It costs you nothing to look."
"No charge to have a look!"
"I've got what you need!"
"I erect the spine of trade!"
"Quality wares! Trust this one."
"I sell to the nobility!"
"I have many fine goods!"
"Honest trade honors the Three!"
"Merchant to the jarl!"
"Merchant to the Great Houses!"
"Buying! Selling! Trading!"
"Buying! Selling! Trading! Right here."
"Fine goods for sale!"
"My prices can't be beat!"
"Finest merchandise around."
"Prices have never been better!"
"Fine goods at fair prices."
"Best prices here."

Rarely heard / unused (?) innkeeper, banker etc lines

"Stash your wealth here!"
"Your money is safe here."
"Trust me to hold your assets."
"That coin-pouch getting heavy?"
"Name it and I'll pour it."
"Come get your hands around a mug!"
"Slake your thirst here!"
"What's your fancy?"
"What's your favorite guzzle?"
"What you need is a drink!"


Maormer have their own overheard dialogue. This dialogue is common at the Maormer Embassy on Khenarthi's Roost.

"How much longer till we put out to sea?"
"When the storm comes, they'll get theirs."
"Everything is so … still."

When you pass by them, they may say:

"Watch your step, groundwalker."
"Don't cause trouble."
"Another one?"


The Kothringi citizens of Stillrise Village are miserable.

"Fortune doesn't favor the Kothringi."
"We've lost so much already …."
"Better to suffer in silence."
"Leave us be."
"No hope for our people …. no hope!"
"We must survive. This cannot be our fate."
"Outsiders bring strife. I wonder what you bring?"
"I want no trouble."

Mages of Eyevea[edit]

The Scholars and Adepts of Eyevea have their own ambient dialogue.


  • "Stars above, it's you adept! Do give Shalidor my best, yes?"
  • "Thrice-damn those Orc Mages. What part of quiet contemplation do they not understand?"
  • "By the Fixed Center, do we have to let every race into Eyevea?"
  • "Auri-el's breath, my patience with the Dark Elves wears thin."
  • "I am trying, adept. I truly am. But shouldn't regular bathings be a requirement for Guild membership?"
  • "The wind here speaks to me. The soil as well. Eyevea is a good place."
  • "Stay moist, adept."
  • "A Dark Elf complimented my spellwork today. And I do not believe he was insulting me."
  • "Go well along the river, adept. May it guide you well."
  • "Please give Shalidor my regards next time you see him."
  • "By the Green, it's the adept that helped Shalidor!"
  • "Smell that air. So far from Valenwood, and yet … so clean."
  • "I saw an Argonian earlier today! Can you imagine?"
  • "I don't approve of all this wooden construction. The Green would not approve."
  • "No one to tell me I can't try a salad! Hah!"
  • "I pray to Julianos for Eyevea's protection every day."
  • "I say it's a bluff. There's no way the alliances will tax goods coming through Eyevea."
  • "Gods keep you well, travler. And all of Eyevea!"
  • "Sorry, adept. Trying to calculate pricing for a particularly intricate spell matrix."
  • "Adept, well met! You have my thanks for all you've done for the guild."
  • "Sotha Sil's wisdom must have fueled you, adept."
  • "Praise to the Three! And may they favor the Guild's greatest adept."
  • "May the Three keep us safe in the heart of the guild."
  • "Go with Almalexia, adept. May she guide your research well."
  • "Vivec guide your steps, adept. As he does mine."
  • "May the Eight protect you, and our Mages Guild."
  • "Magnus keep and watch over you, adept."
  • "Honor to you, traveler. And welcome to Eyevea."
  • "Bright Moons hang above Eyevea, adept. All thanks to you."
  • "Taste the air, adept. The fragrance of Magecraft and freedom."
  • "This one welcomes you to the heart of the guild, adept."
  • "This one is most impressed. You survived the trials of Sheggorath, and still have your wits about you!"
  • "Please, if you would. Give my regards to Shalidor next time you see him."
  • "Adept, tell me honestly: did you even know that flowers came in pink?"
  • "This place is wonderful. Don't tell anyone, but I think even Sovngarde might pale next to Eyevea!"
  • "Back home, my family calls me names. Here, everyone's a milk-drinker like me! Ha!"
  • "Ugh. I tell you adept, it never gets this warm in the Holds. How can the Elves stand it?"
  • "Just now I saw a Khajiit, an Argonian, and an Orc chatting over some scrolls! Troll's blood!"
  • "Honor and blood, adept. Drink in the freedom of Eyevea!"
  • "You know what I think, when I look around? That's right. Massive Mage army! Hah hah hah."
  • "Look, I belong here. So shove off, or you'll feel Mauloch's left fang!"
  • "Hah! Brave meeting, adept. And Mauloch's glory on you for all you've done."
  • "I know it's just my imagination, but I swear the Elves leave a stink behind. You know?"
  • "Health and welcome to Eyevea."
  • "Mind the shifting sands of magic, adept!"
  • "Upon my honor, Eyevea certainly is grand!"
  • "Luck and clear roads, adept!"
  • "Hail, wayfarer! Enjoy your time at the heart of the guild."
  • "Peace be upon you, wayfarer."


After the island of Eyevea is returned to Tamriel, the Adepts and Scholars will sometimes talk to you when you approach.

  • "By the Firmament, it's you adept! Be very welcome among us."
  • "Three-and-five venerations, adept. Welcome to the heart of the guild."
  • "Stars above, adept. Your work with Valaste is the talk of the guild!"
  • "Harmonious greetings, adept. The air of Eyevea is sweet indeed, is it not?"
  • "Hssk. May your research take root in the fertile soil of Eyevea."
  • "May your scales be slick with knowledge."
  • "I extend the spine of greeting to the Guild's living legend."
  • "Go well along the river, adept."
  • "My only real complaint about Eyevea? Not enough meat in the beer."
  • "The Green guide your steps, adept."
  • "Keep your Greenspeaker happy, adept. They will serve you well."
  • "Well met, adept. Mug of rotmeth?"
  • "Zenithar's coin purse, this place is good for trade."
  • "Even the Mad God himself couldn't stop the guild!"
  • "I've only explored a tiny fraction of this place, but it's wonderful!"
  • "May the Eight protect you, and our Mages Guild."
  • "May Vivec guide the guild in these troubled days."
  • "The heart of the guild beats with the wisdom of Sotha Sil."
  • "The honor you do me honors us all."
  • "Luck to you, adept. And coin too, for all you've done for us."
  • "May you find your way to Mara's Bosom, adept."
  • "The heart of Eyevea. The heart of the Guild. Breathe it in."
  • "Much like our home of Cyrodiil is the heart of Tamriel, so now do we have Eyevea. The heart of the Guild."
  • "Akatosh bless and keep you, adept."
  • "Stendarr preserve this home for the Mages of Tamriel."
  • "Bright Moons, adept. This one is glad to see you enjoying the air of Eyevea."
  • "This one is pleased to see you here in the heart of the guild, adept."
  • "Sharp claws on you, adept. How else could you have beaten the Mad God?"
  • "May the Bright Moons guide all mages to Eyevea."
  • "Shor's bones! You can learn more about magic here in an hour than in a year in Riften!"
  • "Mara's heart, this place is lovely. Might have to bring my sweetie here someday."
  • "I could use a blast of Kyne's icy breath right about now, eh adept?"
  • "Warm hearth here, eh adept?"
  • "Steel and stone, fire and frost. Eyevea's forges will rival Orsinium!"
  • "Brave meeting, adept! Give Shalidor my best, next time you see him."
  • "Keep a keen eye open, adept. Never know what the Elves might be planning."
  • "Fight well, adept, and uphold the Guild's honor on the battlefield!"
  • "It is a gift from the divines to be here today, is it not?"
  • "Long may you prosper in this, the heart of the guild."
  • "Breath that in, wayfarer. Smell the waters and life of Eyevea."
  • "Peace be upon you, wayfarer."